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FOR SALE: Dirt Bike, almost new, my grandmother only rode it to church on Sundays, always garaged
 #22270  by OHjim
 21 Mar 2020 18:11
This is a 1998 DR350SE with about 17,500 miles on it. I bought it with the intent to do Moab a bit over a year ago. I fully went through it getting it ready but wasn’t able to do the trip last summer with my new job. Also last summer, my daughter decided she wanted to learn how to ride which was totally exciting! Now we are planning a ride this summer out in CO. So, I need to sell this because she needs a shorter dual sport to ride (already bought a Yamaha XT250).


Since I got the DR, I’ve only put about 500 miles on her just putting about locally. I’m not going to list the price of everything because I just don’t want to know. :( Here is the list of what I did to the bike to get it ready from front to back. Everything was purchased new unless noted otherwise.

Front wheel bearings and seals
Fork oil and bushings
Steering stem bearings
Stainless steel front brake line
Rebuilt the front caliper
ProTaper bar risers/adapters to 1 1/8”
Tusk Chub ATV High 1 1/8” bars
Trackside hand guards
Pro Grips Rally 714 handlebar grips
Time/Temp/Volts display
2 USB charging ports
Switched power plug for GPS (2-pin similar to Battery Tender plug)
Clutch cable with additional spare zip-tied to it
Throttle cables
Disassembled, cleaned and lubed (dielectric grease) all handlebar switch gear
Brake fluid front and rear
Custom machined brass bar end weights
Fork boots
Shorty Brake and Clutch levers
Clutch switch delete
Lubed speedometer gear and cable
Yamaha 21V-24500-20-00 Fuel petcock
Fuel hose
Rebuilt carb and replaced everything including slide, jets and diaphragm from Motolab
Carb isolator (rubber boot to engine)
Power outlet for heated gear (I use Warm & Safe heated gloves)
Sandblasted muffler and exhaust and painted with VHT
Adjusted valves
Exhaust rocker – old one was just starting to get marks on it
Oil and filter
Custom seat - wide at the back, narrow at the front
JNS lowering pegs
Wide pegs (from fleabay)
Air cleaner
Greased swingarm and linkage bearings
Rear wheel bearings and seals
Chain and sprockets (stock ratios)
Swingarm gouge welded and adjusted kickstand to not hit it anymore
Custom tail rack (with plate for Rotopax or the like)
Custom luggage rack (luggage rack unbolts if not needed)
Battery Tender plug
Generic top case – not quite big enough for my XL Shoei Neotec with Sena

New but not installed:
Maier side panels – white
Countershaft seal and cover – couldn’t tell if it’s slightly leaking or just chain lube

Other things that were on the bike already:
Clarke tank
Shorter/smaller turn signals
Kickstand switch delete
Tank bag
Tires were pretty new and have about 2500 miles on them now

I might be forgetting something but that’s mostly it. Missing from the bike when I got it, so I added back, were the lower rear fender (trying to keep the mud contained better) and passenger pegs. All takeoffs included. It starts right up no matter the temperature and runs great. For all the time I spent researching what would be good for me to ride (in my budget) and rebuilding/getting all maintenance up to date, it just comes down to I’m more excited to ride with my daughter than ride Moab. Maybe in the next year or two. . .

Asking $2200 or best offer