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 #20324  by Creekside
 23 Mar 2017 06:21
BIxby MO - 2 days of 200+ miles of dual sport riding at the MTRA trails campground (Rolla St James areas down to Eminence, Central and east to Caledonia) Its not posted yet but Sieg usually doesn't post until 1-2 months prior. 3rd weekend in Sept (MTRA is only open on 3rd weekends.)

I really like the routes. This is my type of riding. Mostly gravel, sightseeing, some woods, a few easy trails, and some stream crossings (some deep and one best skipped on a bigger bike) and a extra sections marked for better riders & smaller bikes. There was about 40~50 riders and you'll find a group that works for you if your solo and ask around.

Tracks the last few years have been clones, minus the areas lost to gates each year. You could easily get the tracks and run from that small bike cabin place(?) in Central MO. Don't recall the name. Troy has gone there. I have driven by it a few times.

Last year's info:

http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/p ... o.1161976/
 #20707  by Creekside
 01 Oct 2017 09:57
East and north of Eminence MO on a "road" that is now Water Branch creek really, Co Rd 306.
Snowman, Todd on his Africa Twin - that recluse(?) and traction control work amazing in all of the sand and loose stuff
EdM on his 690
 #20708  by Creekside
 01 Oct 2017 10:05
Todd trying to correct his line & get out of the bad stuff
Todd & EdM

There was no PHBR this year but EdM, Larry, Todd and I decided to head down anyways run as much as we could of it Friday and Saturday of Sieg's 2 days of tracks from last year. Heck of allot fun. Todd spilled and got some water in his bike, that took abit of time to fix. But with some luck and trial and error it was up and going in a hour.

If you have never ridden in that area you should. These pics are the "worst" of it. Once we got off that creek we were ready for some scenic gravel and no more hard stuff the rest of the day. We all went down at least once in there, except for Ed. Its a good mix of easy, moderate and hard stuff. It was good to meet up with EdM. I'd say we all had a lot of fun.
 #20721  by Ed M
 06 Oct 2017 13:45
It was great to finally meet up and ride with you guys, thanks again for the invite. It was interesting to watch the rear tire of that Africa Twin when it went into traction control mode.