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 #18328  by rycomm
 14 Oct 2015 11:02
I'm planning on heading down on Thursday morning. I have room for 2 more bikes on my trailer, and seats in the van if anyone wants to carpool down.

Thanks, Ryan

I will be leaving from Shawnee Thursday morning. I will be doing bike maintenance in Grain Valley Wednesday afternoon, and will be unloading my van, and loading the trailer then. If someone wants to meet me there to load their bike, that is fine, or elsewhere too.
My trailer is 5x8. It fits two bikes easily. I've put 3 bikes on it before , but it's crowded. The tow vehicle is a minivan, but there are only three seats, which leaves plenty of room for gear.
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 #18330  by Foster
 16 Oct 2015 09:03
Trying to get things in line at work and home but the bike and gear are ready to go! I am hoping to head down in the early afternoon on Thursday and planning on tenting it. I would be leaving from the Leavenworth area and headed down 435. I am in a Ford Ranger and MAY have a spot for one additional person if they don't mind a jump seat but their bike would have to go in the middle on a very crowded 5x8 trailer and it would need to be a smaller dual sport <KLR/990 (doable but uncomfortable). Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Now, if only our staff can get their act together long enough for me to sneak out the back on Thursday! :D

I'll have my CRF450 in the truck for the potential Brock Creek excursion and 500exc for the rest.

My brother may be tagging along and bringing his KLX400 (DRZ) but he hasn't committed just yet. If he doesn't come I will have room for one bike and one rider easily.

My mobile number has changed if anyone wants to get in touch: 913-240-1491

 #18340  by Bronco
 18 Oct 2015 14:29
I'd be interested in trying Brock Creek. I'd probably just ride the XR there if the weather is good.

Bronco Steve
 #18342  by allkidd
 18 Oct 2015 18:17
Steve, Riding single track, you on the big heavy XR650 would make it about even for all of us on our lite 2 strokes.
 #18343  by Creekside
 18 Oct 2015 21:13
Ryno and I are planning on getting there probably around noon. He is bringing a 250 and DR650, 990 me.

We are thinking steaks & potatoes or grilled items two nights and eating in town the other night. Anyone else got a plan? We are going to Sam's for steaks Wednesday.

I got a lot of charcoal left from this weekend and another small grill setup I was going to bring.

Edit : it appears at this time we are all dining out on the town for dinners.

I got tracks for big bikes for all four days. Ark camping thread long pool track friday, fire roads for Thursday afternoon, bohawks big bike route that we didn't finish Saturday, and others assorted pieces from advrider tacked together Sunday.
 #18351  by rycomm
 21 Oct 2015 08:52
Is there an address posted someplace? I've looked, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm sure it's in big bold print someplace, and I'm blind.

Thanks, Ryan
 #18352  by allkidd
 21 Oct 2015 10:25
rycomm wrote:Is there an address posted someplace? I've looked, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm sure it's in big bold print someplace, and I'm blind.

Thanks, Ryan
No address but there is a map.


Just North of Dover, from hwy 7, go West on rushing. Only about a mile but where Rushing splits, make sure to go straight. House will be just a couple hundred yards on the right.
 #18353  by Foster
 21 Oct 2015 10:57
Thanks to a combination of our employees at work and sudden babysitter issues there is no way I am escaping KC this week. I held out hoping as long as I dare but it's not happening. :(

At least the bike/gear is ready for one of the local orv parks in the near future I suppose.

You guys have fun and I will catch the ride in the spring hopefully!