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FOR SALE: Dirt Bike, almost new, my grandmother only rode it to church on Sundays, always garaged
 #20494  by troy
 14 Jun 2017 14:33
I am selling this very heavy, rustic, wood bookshelf. It was made in Mexico. $500 OBO.
 #20498  by troy
 15 Jun 2017 11:02
ajayhawkfan wrote:Would you throw in the bookcase if someone takes your tires? :-)

Other way around. If you buy the bookcase for $500, I'll throw in the tires and $1. I can even deliver the bookcase to your driveway and HELP YOU carry it into your home or business. Delivery fee starts at $1,000 and is negotiable.

This bookcase sure would look good in your cabin, Eddie. Call me for your special discount.