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Pull up a couch. It's cool in the Lounge. Just remember to be a good neighbor.
 #34  by troy
 01 Dec 2006 08:04
Running an active community forum website can require a lot of time to keep things smooth. I want all of you to know that as much as possible I want to refrain from "policies", "rules", and other "restrictions". However, anarchy is not feasible when dealing with a large, diverse community.

The only rule of thumb to keep in mind is simply don't post anything you would not want your friends, family, and coworkers to read.

To ease the administration burden, I will be giving a few people that I know well the privilege to moderate forums. This simply means that if they see a post that is slanderous, nasty, or spam, they have the privilege to delete it. Again, let me stress that the idea here is not to "police" the conversations, it is merely to delete the trash so we all have a better experience at RideForum.NET! This truly is OUR community and OUR forum. :D