2005 KTM 450 EXC headlight options

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2005 KTM 450 EXC headlight options

Post by safiri »

Bike is a stock 2005 KTM RFS 450 EXC.

The original headlight, which isn't the brightest / best to start with, uses a 7327 bulb which costs ~$28 on Amazon. Umm, no. I'd rather that money go toward a better headlight.

I'd like a setup that is 1) halogen I can get at a local parts store if it burns out or 2) LED. Either an entire mask / light combo or just a replacement light for the existing mask. I can wire the headlight up to eather AC or DC. I'm not going to modify the stator, so no super high wattage LED (DC) options. I don't ride this at night unless the day goes badly. I'm decent at electrics ... I've made my own V rectifiers to run fan and LED turn signals off of the AC side, thus saving the battery, so don't be afraid to suggest an option that requires some soldering or ICs. Plug and play would be nice, though.

Any recommendations?

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