Wonder Escape Series

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Wonder Escape Series

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A show I stumbled onto that I really enjoy is called "Escape". It's on YouTube. Each episode simulates a wreck in a remote part of the world. The team of 6 has only enough food and water for about 6 days. In that time they have to figure out how to engineer an escape vehicle out of the wreckage.

At least 2 of the episodes have featured adventure motorcycle experts on the team.

Series 1 Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... iq8TWinTAw

Copy this into your browser to view the list of videos in the playlist.

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There are currently 5 "episodes" in series 1. Each episode is broken into at least 3 parts (3 + videos). This can make it kind of a pain to watch them in order, so hopefully the playlist link I provided above helps you.

EP 1: Engineers Build An Escape Vehicle From Plane Wreckage
EP 2: Engineers Make An Escape Vehicle From A Crashed Caravan
EP 3: Engineers Try To Escape Flash Flood On Hand-Made Raft
EP 4: Team Of Engineers Build Escape Vehicle From Shipwrecked Boat
EP 5: Engineers Build Escape Vehicle From Arctic Plane Crash Wreckage

I like to cast these onto the TV for the "big screen" experience.
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