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Lyndon Poskitt's Africa Eco Race 2020 Series

PostPosted:13 Jan 2020 14:19
by troy
Some of you have been following Lyndon Poskitt's "Races 2 Places" adventures for the last couple years. He is currently racing in the Africa Eco race and built a team of 5 riders including himself. He is putting out a high-quality 20 minute daily episode. It is wonderful--never has anyone helped you to really understand what it's like to be along for the experience.

The Playlist starts out with videos explaining the preparation process including the amazing bike builds.

Re: Lyndon Poskitt's Africa Eco Race 2020 Series

PostPosted:15 Jan 2020 07:45
by Creekside
that is so cool.

I think these videos are best watched at work on a day like this coming sleet Friday with icy roads and a week's worth of sub freezing temps.