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 #22198  by Stu
 27 Nov 2019 10:01
This Ducati dual sport concept bike certainly stirred a lot of interest and, I think, rightfully so:

https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/ ... t-concept/

What do you think of it? No weight is given. I would imagine that it would be around 500 lbs. Power should be very impressive. The review stated that Ducati might be "forced to build it" to prevent Ducatisti from revolting. It was apparently the star of the display.

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 #22199  by troy
 27 Nov 2019 10:10

Looks cool. Market niche is way too small so I don't imagine that bike making it to production in a successful way. That front fender is stupid considering the aggressiveness of the rest of the design and purpose.
 #22200  by Stu
 27 Nov 2019 10:15
The fender is what is used for desert rally races so it fits with the overall design theme. It is nice to see the rear brake completely protected, unlike the KTM 690 Enduro setup. It does need a folding shift lever though.

 #22201  by troy
 27 Nov 2019 10:35
I've never run brake disc protectors. After hundreds of hours on terribly rocky, technical trails with lots of other riders for over 10 years, not one time has a rider been stranded due to a brake disc issue. I'm sure it happens, but from my experience, the risk % is too small to care.

In fact, at least one disk protector design I saw, I felt it increased the risk of hitting the protector on rocks and because of how it mounted, it could break the entire rear brake assembly off the bike. YIKES. I'd rather bend my disk, beat it back with a rock, and hobble out.

The closest I ever got was a KLR rider who bent his front rotor. With some channel locks one guy had packed and a big rock, we beat the disk straight enough to ride. That guy tended to hit things and wreck a lot, so his chances of broken things were higher than average. 8)
 #22202  by Stu
 27 Nov 2019 20:46
The rear brake assembly I was referring to was the master cylinder near the foot peg, not the rear disk or the rear slave cylinder.

 #22204  by Stu
 08 Dec 2019 17:26

This bike reminds me of the early '90's BMW GS models. A larger tank, straight forward design, simplified maintenance compared to DOHC engines. Fast enough for me at least, gravel road and easier trail capable and good on the road for longer distances. It is, in essence, the Desert Sled with better tank, wheels, ergonomics and protection.