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 #22177  by bird man
 14 Nov 2019 22:15
Some of you may have noticed there were no Bird Farm trail rides this year. Well here is the reason. Due to the unusually wet year, the bird farm trails went completely under water not once but 4 times this spring and summer. They were too wet to maintain most of the time and the trail damage was extensive. There are lots of fallen and washed in trees and debris. Finally later this fall it got dry enough to work on them and other things came up ,like an appendectomy that put me out of commission for 3 weeks. ( and now I am advised by more than 1 well meaning friend? to sell them my motorcycles because I will not be able to ride again, well I have beaten the odds and am riding again :D ) I also have been working for a farmer helping with haying this summer and now harvest this fall. ....So the task of trail repair has not gotten done. I do miss not having them to go for a relaxing evening ride on occasion. I am hoping to get them cleaned up this winter providing the weather allows.
Sorry, to those of you who enjoy coming to ride and we missed not be able to host a ride. I really did intend to have a ride it just didn't work out.
 #22178  by troy
 15 Nov 2019 08:50
I saw this story on the news yesterday.


I was thinking the other day how much I miss riding your trails and being on the farm in general. It's been a strange year for sure. You probably should have planted rice out there!


Winter time can be a great time to ride woods trails, but the days that are warm and dry enough can be elusive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll be able to make something work despite fall slipping away.

I'm glad to hear your are recovering from the surgery well.
 #22179  by hbadventure
 15 Nov 2019 14:19
just sent you a text. Lets get a date picked. I will get my heavy machinery over there and lets kick this pig and restore the trails. I am certain some guys will chip in some time. I know my kids and I will!
 #22186  by bird man
 18 Nov 2019 20:11
Thank you Burt P. family and Greg for working on the trails sat. afternoon. Progress was made, about a mile of the 5 miles is now groomed and ready to ride.