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 #21814  by safiri
 22 May 2019 16:17
Several years ago I started having idling issues with 02 (that has an 05 FCR MX carb). At the time no mid-body gasket kit was available for the FCR model with a removable bell, so I just lived with an idle that varied by a thousand or more RPM. Got really good at using the clutch. A few weeks back I happened on a rebuild kit that has been out for about a year. $27 and 5 days from the Netherlands to my door, an hour to disassemble (stuck bolt that had to be Dremeled), an overnight soak in Simple Green, 30 minutes to clean, and 30 minutes to reassemble (the carb). WOW!!, what a difference.

If you are decently handy, you can do the job.
The old internal gaskets / o-rings were shot.

Kit #8 is what I needed.
https://www.frankmxparts.com/epages/629 ... asket_kits

He has an eBay store:
https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-5320 ... olid=20008
 #21815  by troy
 22 May 2019 16:22
Thanks, Mike! So.....I know what motivates a guy to fix his motorcycle. An upcoming RIDE! Moab? Colorado? Where ya going?

The last 2 days had me working on my 500 EXC and F800GS for an Arkansas trip this Fri - Wed. It's a special adventure for me and 3 of my brothers. Rented a great cabin and each day is an adventure of riding & hiking. Kayaking the Upper Buffalo on Mon (yeah Memorial Day). Weather looks to be cooperating believe it or not. Not much of this rain has hit in the Jasper, AR area. In fact, the Upper Buffalo is pretty low but floatable still.
 #21825  by safiri
 23 May 2019 15:35
What it looked like when I opened it up. The main needle goes through the center hole (brass fitting). The two small holes to the right are the pilot (idle) circuit. The one to the far right is controlled by the idle mixture screw. Note the gasket on the one closest to the main needle has expanded / decayed.