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 #21803  by Creekside
 20 May 2019 21:53
removed the old graphics and got a new body panel for the busted one.

Here is Kung Fu graphics from Amazon:
Pretty thick and I like the looks even better than stock. They have about 40 styles. A few air bubbles but the panels are thick and this was my first attempt at graphics. They seem to grow air bubbles with time and you have to go back and press them outwards.

I got 2800 miles on this. Just did SLAP 2019 , I 'll post a long vid for that. Doing the COBDR , and some KS atv parks, and some more Ozarks trips later this year on the bike. I really like it but I am such a nob on it, it's wasted on me. Once you listen to the videos you'll be saying "downshift you $$$ its not a 990". I do dog it.