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 #21801  by Creekside
 20 May 2019 21:44
4/2/19 I haven't been posting because I got injured
Was just cruising to work (in the dark) in LS on Pryor and out pops a deer right in front of the Fire Station and into my front wheel on the 990. All I see is a brown blur in front of the wheel and I instinctively look over the front to the left, around the front...and wham


So I land on the left side away from the bike and slid/tumble down the road. I could maybe have stayed on it if I had not looked over the left side, or you could say I left the bike on the left and did not highside/tumble with the bike if I'd gone rigid facing forward trying to ride that fast "dog" out like I thought it was. Who can say..

My hands hurts, gloves ruined,and the bike slid on the crashbars down the road leaving me and stupid deer laying there. I got up and walked over to the sidewalk to sit down, thought about kicking the dying deer but decided to pass out instead on the sidewalk. Luckily I didn't take my helmet off first. I come too and a lady is asking if I need 911 - yep I'd say so.

Armored Jacket was abraided enough I ordered another. Boots have scuffed up marks. I was not wearing kneepads but at least I was wearing rain pants over my jeans. Otherwise my knees would be pretty messed up. Rain pants are at least slick. Those rain pants where shredded, knees, legs, butt all ground up. Jeans fine but a few knee holes right where I got scabs in the pic.

I have deer hair everywhere on my pants and jacket. Maybe I surfed him - that little shit. More likely a twin rag doll road tumble dance.

Mr hobbles

Still have hand issues. Coupled with last year's breaking my pinky up in pieces this has left my left hand's left side pretty sore still. Have trouble signing and can't write for more than a few words without it hurting. My terrible writing has become illegible. Knees are fine. Bike is good, crash bars on big adv bikes are tank savers.
It just ground off a 1/16th or so of metal on them, touch up paint and ready for the next adventure. New helmet. New gloves. New jacket.

$30000 bill. Keep that insurance up to date and have a good policy. CAT scan, hand and chest xray, morphin (for those knees).

I'll always wear kneepads. But I feel pretty lucky.
 #21804  by Savage
 20 May 2019 22:29
Awesome Husqvarna neck brace!

All kidding aside, sounds like you got lucky!
 #21805  by troy
 21 May 2019 08:22
Savage wrote:
20 May 2019 22:29
Awesome Husqvarna neck brace!
Ha! I hadn't noticed the colors of that neck brace! Definitely looks like a Husqvarna!

Glad you are alive to write this story, Mr. Hobbles!
 #21874  by Creekside
 24 Jul 2019 09:37
Oh yeah I'm back. I was riding within a month. I had an another slow speed tipsy that actually hurt alot worse in Arkansas in May. Can't seem to get a break - kidding - actually got a break from that low speed spill in Ark with some cracked ribs you can catch in the vid on the riding board w/SLAP.

Changing the front tire on the bike it had hordes deer hair embedded in the bead/rim. Rim wasn't bent. KTM makes some tough bikes. It was fine - few scratches on the highway dirt bike hand guards, engine crash bars and luggage rack, I was hurt and the deer was dead.

I am way more cautious about deer and dark wooded roads, and night travel. That kind of paranoia puts the crimp in riding to work, which then limits my after work riding. Actually had some close calls with those fur balls after that even as well, two in one block once in some high corn fields. I am bummed about the prospect of daylight not be being before 6am soon. I'll be putting allot more miles on the FE350S (husky's 350exec-f) later this fall since I can put it on the truck quickly with that hitchhauler jack. Looks like I will be seeing how many miles those 350s will last. I put on a non-woods tire for the back (ht desert from a irc m5b) and will need to get a more fire road/min main front tire than an mx52. This type of bike really kind of wasted on me, I use it as a 690/dr/500 but maybe I'll get some easy woods time in then if I have to trailer it to work - Perry & Topeka are not far from Lenexa.