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 #21652  by Jamee
 17 Dec 2018 08:29
So I've run into a possible good deal on a XR650R. Am looking for something a little more friendly on the road then my WR, but don't want to sacrifice the power that the WR has and am not really interested in an orange bike or any of the flavors of it.

That said, anyone here have any experience with them? From what I've read, I think it would fit the bill really nicely, but I do have a few concerns.
1) No easy button.. =) Kicking that beast doesn't sound like a lot of fun, specially if I've just dropped it on a tight trail. I know there are several aftermarket options available to fix it, but are they reliable?
2) Seems to be a big bike, and they guys posting in other area's that love it, all seem to be 6' plus and a good 220 or more pounds.. (I am 6' and 185 soaking wet). I've very long legs, so am not worried about the height, just wondering if it would be too big of a bike all around for me.
3) Parts and Mods for it seem to be plentiful, but because they stopped making it (07 I think was the last year?), should I be concerned that fixing stuff is going to become an issue?

The one am looking at is a few states away, and while am sure the current owner would let me take a spin on it, it really wouldn't be until I had 10 hours or so on it that I'd really know how I felt on it.

I guess am just wondering if anyone here has ever had one, currently rides one, and could give some direct thoughts on it.

 #21653  by Hank Moody
 17 Dec 2018 10:56
It's a great, reliable bike and was won multiple Baja races to prove that fact. Have a friend, Hayden on this forum, who had one and I watched him about kill himself trying to kick start the thing. We were at Turner's Bend gas station in Arkansas on a flat solid surface. Trying to start it on the trail would be a challenge.

A quick search locally I found this one 2004 XR650L which has the magic button: https://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/d ... 19433.html

There's a XR650R locally as well, maybe you could go try to start it and if it works for you then buy to one you are looking at. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/d ... 69682.html

Good luck and let us know what you decide.
 #21654  by troy
 17 Dec 2018 11:55
The "L" and the "R" are COMPLETELY different bikes. The "L" is street legal and old technology. The "R" is aluminum frame and bad-ass. Hayden actually has both and both are great bikes! I rode his "R" in Moab. I remember at least a couple of times when it took a lot of time and energy to kick-start it. It's a big engine to kick-start.
 #21656  by Jamee
 17 Dec 2018 17:32
Thanks guys!

Troy is right, the L is completely different and not what am really looking for.

"I remember at least a couple of times when it took a lot of time and energy to kick-start it"
Hehee, that is what am thinking, I remember trying to start a friends old KX500 back in the day.. Can only imagine this would be worse. Again, from what I've read there are easy button kits one can obtain for them, this would be route I'd need to go. Just looking for first hand experience though.

I did see that one listed locally, thought about calling them for that exact reason, but at the same point I'd also like to ride it.. Wasting that persons time knowing full well that am not going to buy it just... well, doesn't feel right to me.

The one am looking at is up in northern WI, it's a friend of a friend of a friend if you will.. The current owner is one that we sled with, its a one owner bike and I've seen how he takes care of his toys, so am not worried much about the condition.. Its not plated, so I'd have to the SD trick again with this one. Some of my local friends ride HD's in the summer and am looking for a bike that I can occasion tag along with, but not really looking for an HD style ride.

Troy, your friend that has/had one, what are his stats roughly? Also, I vaguely remember your stats, and other then being a glam model on dirt, how did you feel on the bike? I don't see myself riding in Perry with it, but most of the riding I do is faster more sweeping trails (snowmobile trails in the winter). Add in then with the occasional road work here in the KC area.

Just looking for some input and what people think.
 #21692  by Snarfie
 01 Jan 2019 16:01
Had a tagged XRR for a year and loved it. Sold it to a friend to get him into riding.. I bought a 530E to replace it. Loved that XRR, and you will too. Loads more torque than my 530.. super stable.. just an amazing machine.

You mention kicking a kx500, well just like that bike, the XRR has a drill to follow. If you follow it, it'll start first kick our so. If you don't learn the drill you'll wear yourself out until you do learn it.

If the bike is in good shape I'd buy it. They're killer bikes and will outrun any other single your gonna run into, period.

The only real downside is no easy button, and only you can decide if that's workable or not.