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 #21587  by hbadventure
 31 Oct 2018 12:06
I am going to Henderson Nevada (vegas) next week. And I am looking for a motorcycle rental/day ride while there off the slab! and no I am not interested in a dune buggy. Does anybody have any recommendations of a company or rental shop??

My wife has to go to a conference and will be in class all day for two days and half days after that. So I have some "Me" time to kill! Want to do it on two wheels in the desert! Thanks for any help you have to offer.
 #21592  by asis
 01 Nov 2018 15:48
Always wanted to get down that way, NV/AZ looked to live and work at a small FBO in Prescott AZ.

Not sure that this might help you but from watching the Discovery channels, (Sci,NG,History etc.) If you have time might look up Kounts Kustoms, and Weldrup. I know Vegas Rat Rods (Weldrup) is a family riding off road in the desert. With no other info and if I ever made it down there, This is where I would start.

Have fun man!
 #21594  by gagnaou
 03 Nov 2018 08:53
I know that Jimmy Lewis has his head quarter in Pahrump. I also knows that he rents dirtbikes for his classes, not sure if he would want to do this outside of his class but it may be worth a call. He is a super nice guy!

 #21743  by hbadventure
 12 Mar 2019 17:13
I never posted a ride report I guess. Here goes. Weather sucks here anyway might as well look back on fonder times.

So there I was. 7:30 am in the desert, nursing a slight hangover. Wife in her conference and me all alone. With a cell phone and a credit card. Since I got no direct contacts that I could get to answer for renting a dirt bike. I turned to "The Google" and found the following website. https://eurocyclerentals.com/ Called the guy He said heck yes get in a cab and get down here. I have options for you. I said. Ok. I showed up 40 minutes later. The place wasn't even open yet. They didn't open till 9. (I saw as my cabbie drove away) I "one handed" the window, nobody. Turned around and some guy says "are you the guys who called about renting a bike?" I said I am. Come on in, we aren't open till 9 but I will get you going. I came in early to help out a group of riders and they took all my 650s, and 800s. Which upset me because I wanted a 650 BMW, or an 800 Tiger. He said ya i know I will give you your pick for the price of the BMW650.
This guy gave me a GPS, a mount for my phone the jacket, pants, helmet I think it was like $150 all in. He programmed in a route for me to ride the Valley of Fire, and said it is about an 6 hour deal if you smell the roses some. I was gone by 9. If you are in vegas and don't want a Harley. You have to go here. These guys and gals are so helpful and kind. I gave them a review on Google and I will be going back. Next i need to do the RedRock day ride, and so on. Pics are below. Sorry Troy I forgot to post the ride report.
 #21746  by hbadventure
 14 Mar 2019 10:10
That is what hit my credit card. I think he took pretty good care of me because I wanted a GS650 and he stuck me on a Tiger 1200. I know not a downgrade right. I see it as a downgrade. I wanted to hit those hard pack roads out there, and i didn't have the confidence on the 1200 to do that cause I am simply not used to it. But as I recall the breakdown was for a GS. $150 for the bike and the insurance (if you need it), 30 for the gear and the GPS. When I left I expected about $200-250 and was VERY OK with that. But he had a group of riders take all of his little bikes and he had a whole fleet of these tigers and some motoguzi's but I rode the Guzi and it was like riding a vibrator with wheels. I didn't like it. Only thing to remember! sounds petty, but its important. Buy lip balm! and buy more water than you think you will need. Because when you get to those giant rock outcroppings. Even a grumpy old guy just has to climb them! Then you need more water. It is a really great way to spend your time in Vegas for less money than you can feed your family at a decent restaurant in Vegas you can blast away the day on two wheels and not have the Vegas wildlife chase you on the streets!