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 #21587  by hbadventure
 31 Oct 2018 12:06
I am going to Henderson Nevada (vegas) next week. And I am looking for a motorcycle rental/day ride while there off the slab! and no I am not interested in a dune buggy. Does anybody have any recommendations of a company or rental shop??

My wife has to go to a conference and will be in class all day for two days and half days after that. So I have some "Me" time to kill! Want to do it on two wheels in the desert! Thanks for any help you have to offer.
 #21592  by asis
 01 Nov 2018 15:48
Always wanted to get down that way, NV/AZ looked to live and work at a small FBO in Prescott AZ.

Not sure that this might help you but from watching the Discovery channels, (Sci,NG,History etc.) If you have time might look up Kounts Kustoms, and Weldrup. I know Vegas Rat Rods (Weldrup) is a family riding off road in the desert. With no other info and if I ever made it down there, This is where I would start.

Have fun man!
 #21594  by gagnaou
 03 Nov 2018 08:53
I know that Jimmy Lewis has his head quarter in Pahrump. I also knows that he rents dirtbikes for his classes, not sure if he would want to do this outside of his class but it may be worth a call. He is a super nice guy!