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 #21413  by Creekside
 09 Aug 2018 07:39
Thinking about getting some rack setup for my 350. I'd like to be able to remove it quickly. Those little hooks are for a giant loop connection I think.

Mostly for doing fire road day trips, I'd like to haul rotax 1g of gas, tools&tubes&pump, and rain suit so as not to freeze (Mtns). Day trips from the campsite in Mo, Ark, and Colorado. Think rougher parts of the COBDR. Mostly fast gravel but some rougher non big bike friendly areas, bogs, mud, rocky paths, streams. Dual Sport weekends minus hauling the camping stuff on the bike.

Or just get a backpack and haul it on my back? That sounds heavy for a full day that is really mostly easy stuff, but whats your opinion???


http://www.globetrottin.com/Mini-Top-Ra ... _p_88.html
 #21414  by ajayhawkfan
 09 Aug 2018 18:10
As small and light as that why do you want something quick to remove?

I don't think you can go wrong with something like that. You mount a small bag on the back of the rack with the basics and your always ready to ride. A backpack can get very hot in the summer.
 #21415  by hbadventure
 10 Aug 2018 09:41
I'm very much with ajayhawkfan! You may tell yourself you will remove it. But you won't. put it on, leave it, ride it, repeat.
 #21416  by Creekside
 10 Aug 2018 09:46
A backpack does get hot. I ride with one of those 2L hydration packs and my back sweats like crazy in the summer but its sure nice to have a drink on demand. A full pack with the 2L of water and tubes/tools/1L gas would really be heavy and hot. I put two water bottle holders on my bicycle for the same reason. But its not a mountain bike, just street and easy trails.

hbadventure - You probably right - I would just stick it on and leave it. Even for trails riding.

I think most trailer riders prefer the weight on them to weight on the bike?
 #21418  by troy
 15 Aug 2018 09:10
Without a doubt, I prefer the weight on the bike rather than on me. For one thing, weight on the bike is lower center of gravity than weight on my back/shoulders. In my dirtbike group, I have a couple friends who prefer the big backpack solution--it's definitely an easy solution compared to figuring out how to get stuff secured on a dirtbike on rough trails. With a backpack, your legs provide lots of shock-absorption for your stuff. However, I can't stand the weight on my shoulders and back for more than very short stints.

I am, however, just fine with a 2 or 3 liter camelbak. The easy access to hydration is worth it. For road rides, I'm fine with stopping to pull a water bottle out of a pack.
 #21424  by safiri
 15 Aug 2018 16:02
I'm one of those guys that wears a medium sized backpack (with hydration system). Tools are in a fender bag, not on my back. Backpack is for rainjacket, lunch, snack, maps, small first aid kit, etc. Key for me is a backpack that has a nice waist strap (1.5 - 2" wide). This puts the weight on my hips, not on my shoulders.

It is often said that standing lowers your center of gravity. Incorrect. When standing you have made one object (you and the bike glued together by your butt on the seat) into two somewhat independent objects. The bike has a lower CG than you sitting on bike. Your legs let your body act somewhat independently when the bike gets bounced. Like watching a mogul skier ... the skis and legs are bouncing all around and yet the torso and head are barely moving. Picking up the bike without the weight of the gear is much easier. That rack and weight is going to make your bike weigh more and be harder to correct when it gets bounced.

Have you considered the mojave from Giant Loop?
https://www.giantloopmoto.com/product-c ... g-systems/

4 - 1qt Mobil 1 oil bottles (or similar) would get you the 1 g of gasoline and pack pretty easily.

Note I do not have a mojave, but have seen them and they look well made. Plus is no rack to mess with, easy on/off, and no rack weight added to your bike.
 #21425  by Creekside
 16 Aug 2018 08:22
I think globetrottin is not really in business or are just part time diddling with it. I did not get a reply on husky vs ktm (I was reading something about lack of sub frame and not being compatible with husky) and had heard it needed mods for a husky, as in it was not going to tie in up top as it should, and that's a great way to break stuff with a 1g gas beating on the top of the bike until the wield breaks. Others have complained about lack of response but orders seem to arrive. I did find another type called Nomad ADV rack and am looking at that one too.

I really don't want that weight on my back. Yikes.

I had thought about giant loop but I want something easy too, and not $300. I also got the front & back fender tool bag, but still need something for a tube,pump,gas and rain suit. But I might have to consider it or get a cheaper setup that hangs on both sides like Riggs or something. It might just be the way.

Thanks guys!
 #21426  by Harvey Mushman
 18 Aug 2018 09:03
I use this Giant Loop bag on my 450 when dual sporting. It holds a lot of stuff and sits a bit lower on the bike than a fender rack. It enables me to just carry my small camel back with water only keeping weight off my back. Can't remember the model of the GL but I think it was about $250 and is one of their smaller models, and, well worth the money. You can remove it easily or move it from bike to bike. I suspect the Husky you are using it on is not a cheap bike, what's another $250 in the grand scheme of things? Good luck.

 #21432  by Creekside
 22 Aug 2018 11:49
That looks nice. I do like how the giant loop stuff sits. I also have a few wolfman items on my 990 and they are great. I'd have to say the Explorer Tank bag was the best money I spent on that bike.

I am forgetting the rack. The Nomad was like $320+ and people complain about them breaking, Globetrottin never replied so no way. And you still have to get the saddle bags. I'd rather just get a giant loop MoJavi (12L) or Coyote (39L); or wolfman day tripper (12L) or enduro saddle bags (25L) . Just have to decide on the size. 12L or 25L?
Probably go with the 25L/39L for times like Colorado (full rainsuit, jacket liner, more tools and back tube) BDR or something with big weather changes. I just need to order one I guess and see if I like or return for the other...