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 #21381  by Creekside
 26 Jul 2018 10:11
Maybe its just me, but it seems the alot of the difficult roads now are just two lanes of dirt you could ride a Ultraglide down.

Eastern Alma area all the way to Eskridge and from there to Burlingame/Scranton - those roads used to be pretty tough at times. they've all been plowed and Box Turtle was redone. I was worried we'd need to skip some roads for a newbie we where taking along, shoot, the only time he spilled was stopping too fast on that gravel highway Skyline.

Last evening two of us did Overbrook to Melvern Lake (eastern ends of Troy's silo run, and other min maint stuff) and back; all have been fixed up really nice. Some of those last year were just big mud holes and brush - now just two tracks of cleared and cut tracks. I've even turned around in there at times if its really wet. Now its 3rd gear at 45mph :(

What's the change this year? More tax money? No rain?
 #21382  by troy
 26 Jul 2018 10:19
Yeah Progress!


Part of what you see is surely just lack of rain--as you suggest. Lots of roads when dry become doable in my minivan. When wet and the local kids tear it up in their monster trucks, it's a treacherous experience on my ADV bike. I'm thinking of the "River Road" from Leavenworth up to Atchison. I've ridden that when it's a proper "rugged dualsport" and other times it's a smooth, fast road.

The good news is you were out riding! :-D
 #21383  by Creekside
 26 Jul 2018 12:02
It was nice to get out after work for couple of hundred miles. It can make the rest of the work week tolerable.

That really cuts down on the thrill factor for sure. Your right about the 4whlr trucks & quads in the mud on those tearing them up. Its usually the deep water filled ruts that have me wondering what possessed me to go down that as I paddle along in one I fell in and wonder how I get some speed to make it up the next hill of crap. A few of those roads I can see though, but not every single one... :mad:
 #21412  by Snarfie
 06 Aug 2018 14:34
I haven't been riding all that much recently just for this reason. A lot of the roads near the Wichita area are easy to cruise down. Its not a "can I make this?" kind of deal, its a "how fast do I have to go for this to be fun?" kind of thing.

Really had a lot of fun out at Birdmans place a couple weeks ago! Thanks again for letting us come play!