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 #21333  by stimmer6253472
 02 Jul 2018 12:07
So I have had this unit for years and never had any problems. Getting ready to leave for a month in Europe so I wanted to install mapsource on my new home computer so that i can push the Europe maps to my unit as I will be doing some riding while i am over there. The mapsource servers wouldn't recognize my unlock codes so i called up Garmin. I was told about a month ago they shut down all of the unlock servers for my unit. so basically I can never push any maps to my unit again even though I had north America and Europe with unlimited life time updates. I could see saying I get no more updates but to say I can't even install what I have seems like BS. I kept all of my disks and codes but now i am told they are all useless. all they can do is give me a 20% discount on a new unit but I am out the money I spent on maps. has anyone ran into this before and is there a work around?? i know it is a long shot just thought i would check as i know there is a few Garmin experts on here.
 #21335  by stimmer6253472
 02 Jul 2018 14:59
The manager called back an offered if I go buy a Montana 610 at their offices in Olathe ($500) they would give me $125 off that price and then throw in some rugged motorcycle mount as well as the North America and Europe maps for free. guess I will do some research and see what kind of "deal" this is. just can't imagine there isn't some back door for someone that has all of their unlock codes and disks.
 #21340  by stimmer6253472
 02 Jul 2018 22:19
I ended up just upgrading. I got a 64s that they sell for $299 for $200 and they threw in Europe and North America maps along with a car and motorcycle mount for free. Wish I would of known they were shutting down the unlock servers but this seemed fair. I'm a registered owner so an email would of been nice. Didn't really want the Montana with touch screen so I went this route.