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 #21322  by tcarlgren
 27 Jun 2018 16:57
Hello all!
Just picked up a 2017 250 EXC-F and need help figuring out what type of charging cable I need as it was lost prior to my purchase. Can't seem to find anything online that looks like the cigarette lighter like plug.
THANKS! ImageImage
 #21323  by Savage
 27 Jun 2018 18:06
Is that is by your seat? Is it a powerlet socket?

I always use SAE plugs because it seems they are standard for most everything.

Did your bike come with a lithium battery charger?
 #21327  by troy
 28 Jun 2018 08:20
As savage & ajayhawkfan said, it indeed looks like a powerlet socket. Many folks call this a "BMW plug". My guess is that socket is wired straight to your battery with hopefully a fuse in the wire. You could use that to charge your battery if you have a way to connect a charger that can plug in using a powerlet plug. You can buy adapters of all kinds.

You can also power accessories such as heated gear or a GPS using this plug. The position of the socket on your motorcycle suggests it was intended for charging the battery.

That explains the socket....as for charging Lithium batteries, I'm told there are things to be aware of. Somebody who knows more about that can post up.
http://batteryuniversity.com/index.php/ ... _batteries

My charger is supposedly "smart" enough to shut off when battery is full rather than trickle forever. I use it on all my batteries including Lithium motorcycle batteries, but following me can lead to harm to yourself and others.
 #21330  by safiri
 28 Jun 2018 16:59
I was given a Porsche battery maintainer that can be converted between Euro (Powerlett) and US via removal / application of a red plastic piece. Pretty sure I wouldn't spend the money on what it's gotta cost ... But at least somebody does make a plug that converts.


I would mount one of these as it will hook up to most chargers:
https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Tender-0 ... +connector
 #21341  by Ed M
 03 Jul 2018 06:07
No need to pull the battery if you have the Battery Tender pigtail installed, I have one on my 690 and one on my Spyder.