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 #21051  by bird man
 25 Feb 2018 13:54
Do any of you have experience running mismatched/brand tires on a street bike.
Last fall I purchased a new front tire for our 650 bmw scooter. It has 15 inch tires . I have been running Avon tires on my gs and like them so I decided to get Avon's for the scooter. I normally purchase the same brand of tire for front and rear, so since the front one was most worn and the rear would be on back order I just ordered the new front one knowing we could run a little longer on the rear. Well that was last fall and I figured by spring the rear one would be available. Well the rear matching Avon is still not available and I am faced with the possibility of putting a unmatched rear tire on. The front I have purchased is a Avon viper stryker , the rear size is 160-60-15 my problem is what tire would be a good choice for the rear on a unmatched set. What appears to be some of the best choices are Pirelli diablo , a Bridgestone battalaxe or a Metzler feel free which is oem tire. One of my thoughts is I would want the front tire to have better grip than the back if they have to be different. Choices on scooter tires are very limited. Bike bandit seem to have the best deals and selection of scooter tires that I can find. I did finally find a Avon rear from another vender but am trying to avoid paying "full retail" :-o
 #21056  by stimmer6253472
 28 Feb 2018 23:17
Hwy Birdman my wife has been running TKC's on that BMW I bought from you since I bought it. Last summer the back was toast so I put the OEM street tire you gave me that came with the bike on one afternoon in a pinch. Planned on getting a new TKC rear. I don't ride that bike often but I do occasisonally. Would prefer the TKC back there in the gravel but seems to ride fine like it is. Figure I will leave it on there until it's toast. That being said im not real particulat and i normally ride the KTM.
 #21061  by bird man
 01 Mar 2018 18:47
Thanks for the replys
You are correct Eddie it is never good to mix radial and bias ply tires.
Well.... yesterday I mounted the avon viper front tire. Left the stock metzler feel free tire on the back, still has 1k miles left I'm guessing. Today I took it for a 40 plus mile ride to town. I neither saw or felt any negative or ill mannered effects caused by the mismatched front rear set. So I guess when it is time for a new rear I will get either a metzler or Pirelli. Then maybe next time get a matched set again.