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 #19822  by Creekside
 27 Oct 2016 20:24
I rode down to Long Pool State Park (Dover) and camped there Thursday-Sunday.

Bohawk and I rode Friday, and like a dummy I never thought to record the route. Hopefully I'll get that from him later. I think we did about anything a big bike could do short of Spanhour falls (yeah not doing that again). Devil's knob, the "falls", the "car wash", Pilot knob area, climbed other knobs, logging roads, quad trails, school house, some bad rutted root nasty trail Troy dumped on a few weeks back, and sandy stuff I dumped on 3 times up to the great rock wall over look. Amazing views. I hate uphill sand and 500# bikes.

Saturday was a easier day of scenic stuff on a track he gave me, a big mix of highway, gravel and rougher "two track" unmaintained roads, and I added in some logging trails I found and busted my abs line off in some dry creek when a large limb mashed up into the fender. I was going to label that pic "where is the bike" but now it should be "where is the abs?" but it was a fuzzy shot.


If you don't go to Arkansas on your bike you have not lived. 6th trip for me.