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 #19521  by troy
 10 Sep 2016 12:58
Reading this will be a waste of your time, but for those that wonder what it takes to run an online community, read on and prepared to be bored.

:) Just FYI, in an effort to clean up the membership, I deleted 97 RideForum.NET user accounts today.

"Membership" is the best word I suppose, but I don't like that it conveys a formal club or organization that folks have joined. That's not what RideForum is, but I digress... :roll:

Most important, I did not delete any accounts that have posts associated with them. Even if just one post 10 years ago, that is part of our history and represents a "valid" user.

This was not any kind of effort to "police" the system! In fact, I don't think I've ever had to remove a real user's post. I've removed plenty of spammer posts over the years, though. Speaking of spammers, my effort today started with the idea that some of our "members" were probably just old spammer accounts. So I tried to figure out if I could accurately identify these accounts from the real user accounts.

There were a small number of obvious spammer accounts -- Russian or Chinese sourced accounts with odd email addresses on junk domains. I deleted those.

I deleted 41 accounts that were created before 2016 and never logged into. These "users" will never miss their account since they never used it--not even once.

I deleted 56 accounts that had 0 posts and have not logged in for more than 5 years. Many of these had old email addresses that bounced--meaning the user would not have been able to make a password reset request anyway. Again, no harm/no foul as these accounts had no history to them. So these folks can just re-create an account if they want to post. (Self-registration works as it should now...this was an issue in the "old days".)

If you have an "active" account, but are confused because you received an email about your account being deleted, do not worry. It means you had more than one account, and your old, inactive account was deleted.

At time of this post, we have:

311 | Members
82 | Members who have never posted
97 | Members who have logged in during 2016
67 | Members who have logged in during last 90 days

troy: 3,010
ajayhawkfan: 1,197
Savage: 1,102
safiri: 860
Hank Moody: 604
Stu: 443
kendall_smith: 440
Hayden: 439
allkidd: 418
MacWildcat: 411

Not that post count is everything, but I'd like to give a big THANKS to all the folks who take the time to post up. You make this community great.
 #19525  by bird man
 11 Sep 2016 12:05
maybe I am weird ..but I found that interesting
 #19526  by troy
 11 Sep 2016 12:16
Glad you enjoyed the minutia! I sent a courtesy email to all 97 accounts just to let them know in case any of them actually did care. So far 38 of the email addresses have bounced as non deliverable. Not one person has replied, so pretty sure I didn't remove any accounts that anybody cared about.

Another goal I had was a better understanding of the size of our real community here--not a "membership count" inflated by spammer, duplicate, and never-used accounts. I've casually thrown out in conversation that "we have over 400 members with about 50 "active" folks". After the cleanup and analysis, I'd say we have "About 300 members with about 70 active folks".

Lots of people visit the forum regularly and read without logging in, so although I know we've had 67 folks log in during last 90 days, many more than that have visited and probably visit often.

As I'm sure all of you do, I often run into riders around town who've never heard of RideForum.NET. I know several of you have been very effective ambassadors for our community. Thanks for spreading the word! :D
 #19532  by troy
 11 Sep 2016 13:28
You are probably thinking I should delete MY account! :lol:
 #19542  by Stu
 12 Sep 2016 07:45
Fascinating trivia! Could we screw with the heads of the Chinese and Russian spammers? Offer them access to a "bank account" filled with burnt pistons, bent handlebars, broken plastic, etc.?

 #19556  by Hayden
 13 Sep 2016 12:31
Dont Delete me!! Im not dead yet. I check in from time to time. 2 full time jobs leaves little time for anything. Still got Stu's old 450 that went through a ground up rebuild last winter. Cost me about 4k and I didnt touch the motor. Test run was a Moab trip last march. She still thrills me to death and the Super Plush suspention is ooohhhh so nice.

 #19567  by Stu
 14 Sep 2016 15:46
I think about that old 450. Lots of good times with it. A great bike. I'm pleased that you still like it and enjoy getting out and ripping around on it!

 #19569  by Hank Moody
 14 Sep 2016 17:43
Trace, glad to know you are still out there. You need to get out riding more and stopping working all the time! Life is it too short.