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Pull up a couch. It's cool in the Lounge. Just remember to be a good neighbor.
 #19456  by Motoracer13
 24 Aug 2016 20:12
Watching the weather and some nasty stuff headed your way! Hope you and D are doing well. Wife was asking when your next get together is!
 #19457  by troy
 24 Aug 2016 20:15
Downpour and hail at my house. Afraid to go check hail damage on my truck. I live near 151st & Nall along the Hwy 69 corridor (Stanley, KS).
 #19458  by Savage
 24 Aug 2016 20:22
Hope you guys don't get too much damage.

"Wife was asking when your next get together is!"
I've been thinking about this the past couple weeks as well. Must be the cooler weather.
 #19492  by bird man
 04 Sep 2016 14:23
Sorry guys ....yes I am still alive. I have been preoccupied with some rather life changing events in the last few months and haven't even been on here.
As of a couple days ago I have finally gotten the trails repaired and ridable again. Back in the spring ALL the trails along with about 2/3 of the whole farm were literally under several feet of water after a big rain and the Pottawattamie creek got out of its banks. (we call it a creek here it becomes a river downstream a ways.) Then we have had lots of wind and rain all summer so trail work difficult. I was also in my busy season with work. On top of all that in the planning stages of the life changing event I spoke of earlier that we are still in the midst of . Will fill you in on it later as/if it becomes reality. There was a lot of damage done, creek banks washing ,trees floated in and fallen down, stalks washed over places and now with the wet summer weeds and vegetation have really grown up.
Any way except for a bit of weed eating on the parts that are to narrow to mow and trimming lots of branches hanging into the trail they are ready to ride. I have missed them through the summer , no evening relaxing rides.
All that to say I am ready to schedule a Bird farm trail ride, I am open to ideas for dates. If no ideas I will pick a weekend ride date for not long from now. I have some pictures I would like to show ....but this is my first exposure to the new rideforum format.....thus still learning, and must relearn how to post pics.
So in the meantime if anyone wants to come ride, with a pruning shears in hand ,you are welcome to. Just contact me, we are here most all the time and my schedule is pretty open.
 #19505  by Savage
 07 Sep 2016 06:55
Larry once you learn how to upload an image its easy. There is a thread where you can play around and experiment.