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 #19421  by TForrest
 15 Aug 2016 21:56
Just a heads up 2 weeks ago I called Troop D headquarters in Springfield, Mo to see what I need to do to make my dirtbike street legal. They told me I needed forms and all kinds of parts over$500 worth and made an appointment with them to get the safety inspection need. Today I called to confirm the appointment an make sure I had everything needed for the conversion. I was informed today the laws had changed and no longer do conversions. So if your title says FOR OFF USE ONLY they will no longer convert it. Please tell everyone you know so they don't waste their time and money like I did. The only reason I spent the money was for a long term gain. So now I'm out over $500 that shouldn't have not have been for doing what I was told and going through the process legally. Which is funny because I've seen more super Moto on the road then ever before but yet theirs no legal way to do I. I guess what they say is true "it's not what u know but who you know". Thanks Troop D
 #19422  by Savage
 15 Aug 2016 22:08
What bike ya got?
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 #19430  by Jamee
 18 Aug 2016 05:58
South Dakota, you don't need a physical address there, it's cheap to do and can be done completely through the mail. You will get plates and a title for your bike, no inspection necessary.

You can then keep it titled in SD or if your feeling lucky, attempt to transfer it to MO. Also, Minnesota is very easy to plate a bike in as well, but you will need an actual mailing address up there. No inspection required for MN either, just a couple of forms to fill out.

There is nothing snarky about using SD for this, part of the law to do so up there was intended for full time rv people who do not have a permanent "residence" anywhere. Also, the sales tax rate is like 4% or so.

You can call them and they will happily walk you through the process. I did this for a 14 wr450 and also live in MO.