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 #19397  by troy
 13 Aug 2016 15:51
While getting gas for my lawn mower at the local QuickTrip, I met a real rider on a loaded up DR650. He is riding to Arizona to ride the AZBDR and camping along the way....in August. :shock:

He said he was relatively new to AdvRider with the name moto1829, but I found no inmate by that name. He lives in Missouri about an hour N of the KC metro. He had just started his journey. He planned to take 69 South then 40 West.

Godspeed dark DR.
 #19400  by Savage
 13 Aug 2016 20:53
There's a kid I ride with here who has ridden his KLR up to Idaho and did the Idaho trail by himself and then rode back. Crazy! He said he was going down some nasty hills with no rear brake, but somehow made it without crashing.
Once I stopped at the local Yamaha dealer and there were 2 guys parked in the shade cooling off as it was hot out. I chatted with them for awhile. They were from Canada and were going to Arkansas to ride the roads. They said they had ridden through rain, snow, hail and now they were in the heat.
I think it's awesome when people do that. It sounds great, but unfortunately it's not me.