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 #19323  by Harvey Mushman
 01 Aug 2016 16:16
I'm looking at some soft luggage that would be used on my '07 EXC450 and SXC625. I don't have a rack on either and want to get the weight out of the camelbak. I think the Wolfman Day Tripper would work fine, (a 21" tube, irons, small air comp, some tools, some misc), but see the E-12 is 2x the size in terms of width, about 6.5" instead of 3.5". I suspect I wouldn't need the 6.5" often and could cinch the width in but having the 6.5" available when needed might be a good idea. I may want to carry a fuel bladder/bottle in one side when on the 625. Also how about the Giant Loop Mojavi? Anyone used these and have some recommendations? Thanks all.
 #19324  by troy
 01 Aug 2016 17:00
Check out the Mojave from Giant Loop. LOVE this system on the EXC 450 (and now EXC 500). I talk about it more detail here. Birdman also chimed in with his appreciation for this bag on a dirt bike.



The Wolfman bags are all great, too. I'm sure you'd be happy with them. Get the larger one. I think you are right about being able to cinch it down with less stuff while having the capacity when you want it. With my Mojave, I find that even stuffed full, it's really not any wider than my own legs on the bike--so I don't have to think about it at all--and it does NOT move.

No rack needed. All you need is a heat shield on the exhaust that simply holds the plastic cover off the hot pipe when the bag is cinched down. It simply straps onto your pipe with 2 large stainless hose clamps.



I think the larger Giant Loop bags come with this shield included--at least mine did. So check before you buy a separate shield. There is nothing Giant Loop specific about this shield of course, you could use it with any system, and I bet Wolfman has something similar to offer.

You are welcome to borrow my Mojave for your next adventure to try it out.
 #19333  by Harvey Mushman
 02 Aug 2016 11:45
Thanks for the reply Troy, the links were good too. I did some recon on youtube and the Mojavi had high marks so I think I'll go GL.