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 #19237  by MTK
 27 Jul 2016 15:46
Hey everyone!

I'm new to the community here and new to riding in general. I've been wanting a bike for years and for some reason the wife finally said yes in May. I picked up a used KLR 650 and have been having a blast. I've taken the MSF course @ Rolling Wheels but I haven't had much experience off the road.

Next week I am heading to CO and using a trailer to get the bike there with my dad for some good bonding riding through the mountains. We won't be going off the road much because he will be on a R1100RT... but I thought I'd ask advice for great rides around the Pike's National Forest area... and also any tips for a first time rider in CO.

Thanks for the help friends!
 #19247  by Creekside
 29 Jul 2016 08:23

I would just print out a list of these and plots and do some. Honestly everything out there is great. The county highways around there are probably the best of course over bigger ones. COG, garden of the gods, monument, 5 counties (Keystone), Sand Dunes, Gunnison Canyon, 149hiway, Monarch, Cripple Creek, you can't go wrong any direction.

I will be out there the following week, doing 50/50 street & fire roads for 9 days. Really excited.

Bring rain gear. It was raining EVERY afternoon last week when I was out there.

Fire Roads - If you do decide to do some easy fire roads out there, be careful. For me it very easy to get lost on most of those, and I can use a piece of paper of turns to get to Manhattan from KC via gravel no probs - but CO is another thing. There are so many trails criss-crossing each other, its a maze out there at times. Your on a big bike, too big for most of them (same here - its all fun and exciting until "OMG-I just want out!"). Paper maps for the mess of fire roads out there are OK, if you really pay attention and guess good. First time I saw a Garmin Montana with these guys I was SOLD! Best thing ever.

Have fun! Great place.
 #19320  by Bob Morgan
 01 Aug 2016 09:40
What Andy said........... If you don't have a GPS, Get One Today. So many options, the hard part will be deciding. Plenty of smooth gravel secondary roads, that have less traveled access road spurs heading off them. You will have to turn around more than once as people are putting up locked gates all the time. No big deal it's still beautiful heading back the other way. Just know your fuel range and don't push it...........................


 #19413  by MTK
 14 Aug 2016 23:45
Thanks for the advic and tips everyone! I ended up using Steve Farson's book of Colorado to map out a couple of simple rides for Dad and I to take. It was a great intro to the area me just enough riding to make us crave more. We didn't get out as much as I would have liked... But my marriage is still intact after my wife let me hit the trails while she watched the kids and waited.

The scenery was great though. A quick ride in the morning. Family time exploring the springs the rest of the day. A week well spent!