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 #19162  by troy
 12 Jun 2016 10:17
Wife is in Wichita for the weekend and my daughter was at a sleepover with a friend. Time to put on some dirty videos on the big screen! I'm talking Rally Riding of course!

Season 1: 12 episodes
Races To Places follows Lyndon Poskitt on a round the world (RTW) motorcycle adventure riding a factory KTM 690 Rally Bike. On route Lyndon will be taking part in a number of Rally Raid events including the Hellas Rally, Mongolian Rally and Australian Safari. Lyndon has taken on a new role of cameraman and will be sending his footage back to Adventure Spec HQ to be edited into weekly updates.
I really enjoyed watching all of Season 1 last night. This morning I watched much of season 2. It's been getting better as the journey progresses. WAY BETTER than A Story Worth Living!

The video quality and production is pretty darn good, so worthy of the big screen for sure--highly recommend sitting through several episodes. By the way, if you don't have a convenient way to watch YouTube on your TV, a $39 Fire TV Stick is worth it for this luxury alone.
 #19164  by troy
 12 Jun 2016 17:35
Savage wrote:Sorry to get off topic, but can you give me more info on this Fire stick? Thanks!
That was a link to the Amazon page where you can get all the info you want and more. If the link doesn't work just search for fire stick.TV