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 #103  by troy
 06 Dec 2006 20:08
Hello, Dualsport Community!

Well, you guys are amazing! It's hard to believe RideForum.NET launched just 5 days ago. Here we are already with 40 registered users and over 100 posts! (One of the 41 registered users is a test account I created--so 40 registered users.)

Of course, it's not about the numbers, it's about having a community of riders that is ALIVE and getting out there to ride. But the numbers tell me that you guys want an online forum and that your active posts tell me that you appreciate RideForum.NET.

There are still a lot of riders hanging out there that probably have not heard of RideForum.NET yet. Many of them probably have not even found out that the BackroadsTouring.org forum is gone yet. I know that many of you have personally taken the time to send an email or made phone calls to let your riding buddies know about the forum. Word of mouth is the BEST advertising.

Have any of you noticed the banner photo at top changing? I've rotated through 5 different images so far. All banner photos up to this point were taken in KS.

I've talked about additional features such as a GPS Route Library tool for sharing the hundreds of great route files we've collectively built. Just FYI, it's a busy time of the year with holidays and family and such, so don't expect a lot of new features by year end, but know that things only get better from here.

Your forum webmaster and owner of one SWEET DR350,