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Pull up a couch. It's cool in the Lounge. Just remember to be a good neighbor.
 #14959  by Savage
 08 Dec 2013 16:30
Well it's cold out now. What are you guys doing to pass the time?
 #14960  by bird man
 08 Dec 2013 16:54
Cold makes work
 #14961  by Savage
 08 Dec 2013 17:50
What are you doing, splitting wood?
 #14962  by bird man
 08 Dec 2013 18:40
A little of that.
Since it is too cold for the auto waters I have to water the birds by hand every day on top of regular daily chores. The days are shorter and cold so a person doesn't get as much done either. Have been delivering some to the hunt clubs. By the time you round a bunch of them up deliver them and get back 2 days are gone.
 #14965  by bird man
 09 Dec 2013 09:14
Only 95 days until it is warm again. :D
 #14967  by Rick
 10 Dec 2013 00:16
Birdman; I have eliminated a negative option and decided it will be warmer much sooner than 95 days.
 #14969  by bird man
 10 Dec 2013 19:41
That's good news Rick....I like it. What is your definition of warmer and how many days do you think.
 #14970  by Savage
 10 Dec 2013 20:23
At this point I feel like anything over 40 degrees and sunny is "warm".

I guess everyone else is oblivious to the cold.
 #15069  by Savage
 28 Dec 2013 19:15
Here's a cool vid to pass the time with.

 #15070  by Bob Morgan
 29 Dec 2013 10:57
What I find interesting is how they have to lean their sleds over and get them up on one front ski to be able to maneuver in the tight woods. It makes the sleds into a bike instead of a trike.
 #15085  by Stu
 31 Dec 2013 07:04
I got the bikes out and rode around Wednesday when it was 57 degrees. Felt good. However, the "dirt" was really slick with all of the ice. Should we be buying boxes of screws?

 #15092  by Savage
 31 Dec 2013 17:55
Got out of work just in time to go put in 2 hours of chainsaw work. Felt so good getting outdoors and doing some manual labor.

 #15101  by Savage
 01 Jan 2014 16:57
We got in our annual sledding.

 #15102  by troy
 01 Jan 2014 18:06
Savage wrote:We got in our annual sledding.

Is that Manhattan today? If so, you've got some great snow! We are getting a dusting up to an inch right now in Overland Park.
 #15104  by Savage
 01 Jan 2014 18:39
No that was right before Christmas. We got ~10 inches around town. My son and I went around town and pushed out probably 6-7 vehicles that were stuck, and pulled out 5 with my recovery strap. Had a blast doing it!
We're just getting cold horizontal blowing snow today.
 #15195  by Savage
 10 Jan 2014 23:03
I'm just going to throw this in here because its so cool.