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Pull up a couch. It's cool in the Lounge. Just remember to be a good neighbor.
 #21684  by Savage
 23 Dec 2018 20:15
I only bought it to hopefully make me a better enduro bike rider, but I've been having so much fun I've been riding them quite a bit.
Even if you live in the concrete jungle you can benefit from a trials bike. You can break a sweat trying to keep your balance in your garage or doing figure 8's in your driveway.
 #21701  by Savage
 06 Jan 2019 21:36
Tried my hand at a trials event today. It wasn't too bad. Maybe I'm weird but I'd rather trail ride with my son.


 #21742  by stimmer6253472
 09 Mar 2019 16:57
Hockeydad and I did some timbersledding this weekend at Vail. Pretty fun until the blizzard white out on Sunday. We spent as much time digging vs riding.
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