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 #62  by Harvey Mushman
 02 Dec 2006 11:01
Speedjunkie, since Tye passed on the Lc4 I shot the pic link to a buddy I race with. He went over the very next day and bought it for $2800.00.
Even if it's got a few battle scars on it, at this price, he literally STOLE IT!

With Troth and Clausen now out on the backroads, nobody within 100 miles will be safe.......


 #70  by speedjunkie
 03 Dec 2006 02:41
COOL! Sounds like it's a good thing I'm further than 100 miles away! :wink: But then again, between your buddies up there, and me down here, we pretty well got things covered! :D

You know, for that price, beat up or not, I'd have probably bought it too. That's a pretty good savings over the current average. That would have bought alot of plastic! Afterall, it is a dirt bike,,,,,,,,,right? I don't mind throwing a little money at something like that when/if it needs it. Fortunately I'm in a position I can do that, at least for now.