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 #8583  by troy
 16 Nov 2010 06:35
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Thread to describe and discuss this riding area.

Ava, MO (4 hours)
This is not technically an off-road park, but if you are plated, you can ride the Glade Top road and access lots of trail off-shoots.
 #10537  by ozarksrider
 03 Jun 2012 22:17
Here is my ride report:

The Goldwing trikes made the Glade Top trail look easy! This is the way I rode it:


I took a more challenging side loop to Tennyson Hollow. Here is a link to my tracks.


This starts out as a level, rocky jeep trail.


As it goes down hill the ledges get higher and higher. I bounced off a few of the taller ones and, fortunately, old GS bash plates are pretty effective.


Not all of it's like that. There are stretches through the cedars with muddy bits. Also there are portions that have loose rock the size of your fist. Some rutting from the four wheelers, but in most places it's too rocky to amount to much.

At the end of my track, through the rutted out gate at the very bottom of this photo...


... there is a clearing with three choices. Looking at the maps I think one will end at 125, the other at 160 or can loop back around. I chose the third, that is back the way I came.


Next time, I'll try one of the others.
 #13081  by troy
 18 Mar 2013 07:55
In this post:
randykidd wrote: Another riding area, although the bikes have to be plated, is the 4WD roads off the Glade Top Trail in Southern Missouri. Easy to spend a couple days there and not cover all the trails. Except for these two weeks of hunting season, there isn't anybody there.


The Glade Top is 23 miles long but it is all the trails off the road that are good for riding.