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 #20815  by gagnaou
 01 Nov 2017 11:58
Lot of you guys have been watching his youtube videos or enjoyed his contributions to ADVrider. He wants to bring us more videos and more info about the big race. If you can spare a few $, I am sure he will be appreciative and so would we all as we will get more real time coverage of the race. Here is a cross post from ADVrider

QUOTE="Pyndon, post: 33552671, member: 23064"]Hey peeps, I've had an idea.....and as a long term ADV Rider and contributor I believe this might just be something great, especially for all you people that love to follow the race.

After following the Dakar for years and getting frustrated how little is actually shared, I've always been thinking how I can do something different to help fill that void and bring a more 'true to life" experience. Well, the opportunity is here but I need help. Please take the time to watch the video and read the Kick Starter page, it is important to understand that this is NOT to fund my Dakar, this is about getting the funds together to enable daily video releases like never seen before, its for the followers (you!). We always hear how bad the coverage of Dakar is, well, lets try and make a change together. I can't do this alone but thing we can considerably improve it together.

I need your help sharing on as many media channels as possible, we have just 22 days left to hit the target and pull this off. You have my word I'll put 100% in as always.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/62 ... -lyndon-po


If you don't know who I am or want to confirm my credibility for being a contributor to ADVmoto media, please check out www.racestoplaces.com or any of my media channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even the threads I have in this place.

Thanks so much in advance, lets do great things together.

Rally regards,

 #20870  by troy
 10 Jan 2018 11:41
Lyndon's coverage of his Dakar race has been FANTASTIC! New episode each day of that day's experience. Learning a ton about the race that was never exposed to me in "normal" coverage. For one thing, Lyndon is one of a few brave souls competing in the "Malle Moto" class. Basically, this translates as "a motorcycle and a trunk". They have a relatively small trunk. Everything they'll need during the entire 14 days as far as bike parts and tools, filters, etc...must fit in this trunk. It is all they can take except 2 spare wheels. I think tires are basically unlimited. Malle Moto competitors must do ALL bike repair and prep each day by themselves except they can use the tire mounting services provided. So after a crazy long grueling day, they then stay up working on the bike in order to race the next day....still need to go through next days log book. Lucky to get 2 or 3 hours sleep sometimes. Knowing all this then seeing how positive Lyndon remains is inspiring.

 #20871  by Motoracer13
 11 Jan 2018 18:40
I watched all the episodes to catch up last night, it was a pretty good watch. Im getting ready to watch todays episode now!
 #20872  by Scott_B
 12 Jan 2018 14:01
I'm really enjoying these videos. He makes a comment on today's episode (9, I believe) about only being allowed 10 minutes per video due to licensing. That's such a shame, because I'd enjoy seeing more of the terrain he's riding.

The fact that he's responsible for virtually all of the bike maintenance on this race is incredible. The segment where he gets lost (along with several other riders) and breaks down is very compelling. It's a perfect example physical and mental strain these guys are putting themselves through.
 #20873  by troy
 12 Jan 2018 14:19
The 10 minutes as I understand is, as Scott mentioned, licensing restrictions from the Dakar organization. Also, he had to arrange and pay for satellite upload time each day as I understand. Cost to produce and publish this content is probably more expensive than we imagine. Why he had the kickstarter to fund it. $25 well spent!
 #20874  by troy
 13 Jan 2018 09:18
I'm staying caught up--watch the 10 minutes each evening on the big screen. Love it. Among other things, a huge factor in Lyndon's success has to be his super-human positive attitude. It is obvious that Lyndon is very comfortable in the deep sand as he blows by other bikes stuck in the sand. Of course, those clips look better in his 10 minutes of coverage!

I asked my local Dakar expert and RideForum.NET benefactor, Mr. Luc Valentin, aka gagnaou, if he knew how much faster the top riders are compared to Lyndon. Luc replied that Lyndon is "12 MPH slower on average". That is significant, but not surprising. I think of my own experience riding in the woods when I think I'm riding really fast and smooth and then an A level enduro racer blows by me going twice my speed while expending half my energy. The difference is more dramatic in the turns and rough stuff.

It is my understanding that for the average Dakar racer, the primary goal is to finish. The secondary goal is to do it faster than others. That is the interesting complexity of rally--you have to be a great, fast rider, but go too fast and risk getting beat by injury or mechanical failure. You have to ride slow and smart enough not to miss waypoints or get lost. Riding faster than every one else does not win the race if you have to ride an extra 150 miles due to getting lost or pay penalties for missed waypoints.

Luc, don't get too excited by my admiration of rally. No, I'm not going to spend $1,000 outfitting my bike with special technology or travel to foreign countries to race in deep sand. I'll happily watch your helmet cam summary video, though!

 #20902  by troy
 22 Jan 2018 21:10
So it seems Lyndon has won the Malle Moto class! But...still waiting on his stage 14 episode to come out. Normally the episodes are released by now. I have really enjoyed his coverage!

Hmmm....now the results show Lyndon as 2nd place. I guess results are still being tallied.
 #20904  by Hank Moody
 24 Jan 2018 09:02
This might be the reason the last episode is not up.... I really enjoyed following his Dakar adventures.

From Lyndon's Facebook page:

Back in hospital again How I ever got through Dakar I never know. Chest infection before, heavy antibiotics for the first week and then 2 days from the end I began to feel unwell again. It’s all come back, Bronchitis and a load of other crap. Massive injections in my ass...happy days Cheers to the docs for a great service, hopefully back on the mend soon