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 #20859  by troy
 15 Dec 2017 13:59
If you don't want to use that potentially sketchy URL, here it is on YouTube:

(My browser threw up "NOT SECURE" errors regarding the SSL cert at that other URL.)
 #20860  by Ed M
 16 Dec 2017 20:05
So what if you call in an Uber request and one of these robots on a bike shows up?? May not happen in the next few years but I could see it happening some day.
 #20861  by bird man
 17 Dec 2017 12:39
What is likely to happen sooner is, call uber for a ride and a self driving car shows up to chauffeur you to your destination. So there you are setting in the back seat of a driverless car taking you somewhere. A bit out of my comfort zone. This all reminds me of the old Dick Tracy comics where he used a watch with a phone and video screen to communicate , we were thinking then that was far fetched sci sfi. .....well it is every day reality now.
 #20863  by Creekside
 18 Dec 2017 09:05
Just from what I have been reading, I think adoption of self driving cars will be slower than expected due to safety and dangerous drivers - you can tell who's an idiot before they do something stupid just by cues but can a AI? not so much, and heavy traffic guessing based on body posture is pretty complex for an AI to figure out right now. Cars on a freeway, sure.

But once it gets going self driving will be outlawed in the cities, I can see it'll just assume control from you and pack you into the crowd. The good thing is that insurance co's can pretty much force the crappy drivers to use it or lose it. DUIs, well it will just smell the air for the even slightest hint of alcohol and remove you from the control loop. Anyone with a careless&Imprudent or a few speeding tickets will pretty much never get to use the wheel or pedal while the car drives itself. I can pretty easily imagine a control setup where if you exceed the speed limit for a set amount of time ,but still within 10, it would assume control, and exceeding 10, well your never getting control back (insurance co reset required? automatic speeding ticket issued & printed? ).

Things are not going to be the same with driving!