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 #20743  by troy
 12 Oct 2017 10:32
Stumbled onto this in my YouTube recommended videos. I had not heard of it.

As someone not capable of jumping his motorcycle even 8 feet or more than 3 feet off any surface, it blows my mind the precision it seems you have to have not to die doing these jumps. Coming up short or going too far seems disastrous.

Earlier in the video, Rick Johnson quotes, "Jump for show, turn for dough", then comments how this race takes out the turning element. Apparently how well you can turn the bike in a race is a big part of what separates the top dogs from the rest of the pack. Makes sense.

 #20744  by Savage
 12 Oct 2017 10:41
Straight rhythm is awesome to watch! You can even do it in Missouri at dirt bike Disneyland.