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 #17053  by allkidd
 04 Feb 2015 15:08
Update April 27

I've finalized my riding plans for the weekend. Anybody can follow me but keep in mind there are several options. Of course, one of the options is to ride on your own. Listed below are my plans for the weekend:

Friday May 1: attached is the loop I plan on riding. (Day 1) This loop is about 65 miles, primarily atv type trails, with only 2 miles of single track. The first 11 miles are probably the most difficult atv trails with some rocky uphill (or downhill) areas. At approximately the 40 mile marker there is an easy bailout to head back to camp. For sure, there isn't any food, water, (except for streams) or gas. Make sure to bring plenty of gas, water and food. Even if we wanted to, there isn't an easy place to get food. This will be a full day.

Saturday May 2: Kendall, an original TARKC member, and now a Razorback Rider member, has agreed to lead us on some of the local trails. I'm thinking this will be a lot of single track. Again, there won't be any water, gas or food available.

Sunday May 3: attached is the loop I plan on riding to Oark.(Day 3) This is new to me, back road track to Oark, of approximately 40 miles. Oark has gas, water and food but I'm not sure that I will stick around to eat. We were there last weekend and we didn't eat, but with all the Harley riders it appeared to be a couple hours before getting out of there. From Oark you can get back to Mulberry in about 25 minutes by taking pavement, or, there are always trails to explore.

UPDATE April 22

Looks like there should be several alternatives for riding.

Creekside (Andy), is riding a big bike track developed by some Arkansas locals. You don't have to ride a big bike to ride Andy's track but you do need to be plated as it is more roads than trails.

Mike Hix has contacted the local Razorback club about possibly having a member lead on some local single track Friday and/or Saturday morning.

I'm in the process of finalizing some tracks that would be a combination of single track, ATV and forest roads. I always try to minimize gravel roads and use them only for getting to the next trails. Hopefully, I can get some tracks posted by early next week.

Of course, everybody has the option of doing their own thing too.

With only two weeks until the TAR ride, I wanted to get one final count on who is staying in the lodge. Listed below is my most update of all attendees. Let me know if there are any corrections:

3 nights

Scott B.
James B.
Mike H. ? (Can't remember if you said 3 nights)
Brad H. ?
Jeff (Mike's friend) ?
Mr. Hix
Lynn Ward's friend

2 nights

Bronco Steve
Bronco Steve Cousin



Mulberry likes to know in advance how many are staying, so let me know if any on this list is not correct. They also like to have everybody check in as soon as possible upon arrival. If you get there when the office is open, go ahead and check in with the Mulberry office. If you don't arrive until after the office has closed, please check in first thing in the morning.

If my list of attendees is correct, we have 17 of us for 12 beds. Don't worry, I'm not asking for volunteers to share beds as I have a plan. Chad and Colleen are sharing a bed so that is one less bed. I'm going to find some good quality floor space for my Aerobed. Mike and his son Brad, and his friend Jeff, have volunteered to use the couch pull out bed area. (seems like I remember there being 2 couches?) By my math calculations that makes it come out perfect.

For anybody who wants to ride with us, my plan is to have some tracks posted in the next 7-10 days. Keep an eye on this tread for any other updates.

The Spring 2015 Tarkansas ride will be May 1-3 at Mulberry Mountain.


Last year was so much fun that we have again booked the 5000 square foot lodge.

http://www.mulberrymountainlodge.com/lo ... tain-lodge

18 can officially stay in the lodge but figuring that most of us don't want to sleep in the same bed with another guy, there are 12 separate beds. In addition to the 12 beds, there is a lot of floor space for Aerobeds or other inflatables.

The cost is dependent on how many stay in the lodge. Per night the cost is $375 for up to 6, $40 for each additional person, plus 12% tax. To make it simple, the costs per person, per night, including tax are as follows:

6 people $70/night
10 $60/night
12 $57.40/night

Camping is another option as there are campgrounds on the grounds. With electricity is $24/night, primitive is $8/night.

Most of us are familiar with the Ozark National Forest but there is a variety of great riding...single track, ATV trails, forest roads, gravel and pavement. Great for any type bike.

As we get closer to the date I will post more details. In the meantime, post to this thread whether you are attending this ride and whether you would like to reserve a spot in the lodge or are camping. I will keep updating this posting with the list of attendees.
Also, let me know if you have an interest in staying at the lodge Thursday night in addition to Friday and Saturday.

List of attendees:

Allkidd 3 nights
Scott B 3 nights
Bronco Steve
Bronco Steve cousin
Mr hix 3nights
James B 3 nights
Todd 3 nights
Ward 3 nights
Mike h.
Creekside Andy 3 nights camping
Rick camping
Nic 3 nights
Lynn (Ward's friend)
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 #17054  by Scott_B
 04 Feb 2015 15:12
Count me in for a bed at the lodge. :D :D :D

I would be interested in the 3 night option as well.
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 #17058  by Bronco
 05 Feb 2015 09:47
Count me and Cousin Scott in for 2 beds.

Bronco Steve
 #17062  by troy
 05 Feb 2015 14:58
Please count me in for 1 bed. Are you planning 3 nights or 2 nights? Thur, Fri, Sat vs just Fri & Sat?
 #17064  by allkidd
 05 Feb 2015 22:05
troy wrote:Please count me in for 1 bed. Are you planning 3 nights or 2 nights? Thur, Fri, Sat vs just Fri & Sat?

For sure I will be there for 3 nights. I had planned on camping Thursday night but if there is enough interest my preference would be to stay in lodge all 3 nights.

I will add that as an option and see who is interested. Actually, all that it would take is 6 to make it viable.
 #17074  by MoRidin
 08 Feb 2015 12:35
I am in too - I may book another house if we have a few guys that need a bed as opposed to floor space.

If any needs a bed, please let me know. Chad/Colleen - there are some houses with queens - let me know if you want to go that route.
 #17078  by Rick
 09 Feb 2015 06:43
Camping. Three nights.
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 #17092  by allkidd
 18 Feb 2015 22:16
MrHix wrote:Just a reminder that I am in for the 3 nights!

Got it....thanks!
 #17169  by kendall_smith
 19 Mar 2015 09:15
I'm in for most likely 3 nights, but I'll be roughing it in the RV. :mrgreen:
 #17212  by Markospoke
 07 Apr 2015 09:13
I plan on going , depending on the weather !
The campsite sounds like fun..

Klr 650
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 #17217  by HanesAnizer
 08 Apr 2015 11:10
Add me to 3 nights for the lodge and I might bring a long a buddy.