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TAR October 7, 2014

PostPosted:30 Sep 2014 14:06
by allkidd
Where: Blanc Burgers and Bottles
10583 Mission Rd.
Leawood, KS 66206

When: October 7 at 6:45PM

Who: Everybody invited!

Re: TAR October 7, 2014

PostPosted:06 Oct 2014 15:23
by allkidd

Re: TAR October 7, 2014

PostPosted:07 Oct 2014 14:12
by Bronco
Riding my VStrom to the meeting going around Blue Springs Lake and JoCoMo then down the highway to Mission. Meet me at the Gas Mart USA at Lakewood/Bolin exit at 5pm.

Bronco Steve