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 #16512  by Foster
 04 Sep 2014 09:00
So, I am working on filling my calendar up with amazing things before the winter shows up. Is there a Fall TARKC Arkansas (or other location) ride planned? I would love to take the DRZ on something besides my morning commute!

If we don't have dates and there is interest, I vote: Sept 12,13,14 or 19,20,21, or Oct. 17, 18, 19

If we don't have a group ride planned but a few guys want to go down and run a nice dual sport route! I am not the greatest rider but I can pick up the drz really well from all sorts of positions and locations :lol:
 #16513  by allkidd
 04 Sep 2014 15:02
We've planned the fall TAR trip for Oct. 17-19. I haven't posted anything yet because I'm trying to come up with a good meeting place. I will post something by this weekend.

Hope you can make it!