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 #22193  by Creekside
 24 Nov 2019 21:03
We use this place as a base camp and ride tracks that Bohawk has graciously given.

my wreck 3:40, 13:30; todds 5:35, 10:59,
0-5 car wash huricanne creek area - Very cool area to ride in
7-15 buffalo - tough but doable. The film doesn't really show how deep it was and how steep it was getting out of there in that mud hole road
16min dare mine road we tried to make it but it just too muddy and too deep for big bikes
 #22197  by troy
 25 Nov 2019 08:21
The dualsport riding in that area is SO GOOD! Any track recommendations from Bohawk are sure to satisfy!

It looks like you had some fantastic weather for your adventure! A lot of those water crossings were a long way across! A nice pucker-factor!

About halfway through you have text that says "Crossing the Buffalo". That crossing looks to me like you were on Rd 414 crossing Dixon Ford on the Buffalo Creek--a VERY GOOD dualsport road! The South end of it dumps onto Hwy 21 a bit West of the Glory Hole Waterfall.

The water was not as deep when we crossed there in the Spring of 2012.

Our ride report from that 3 day adventure:
https://advrider.com/f/threads/stupid-t ... gy.785990/