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 #22112  by ajayhawkfan
 25 Sep 2019 12:10
DirtFarmer wrote:
24 Sep 2019 17:06
gagnaou wrote:
24 Sep 2019 14:26
xr-nut wrote:
24 Sep 2019 13:50
Anything is possible, but with this new business venture HIGHLY doubtful. The old days of Joe buying whatever bike he wanted are sadly behind me.
Here is what to do ;-)

New Adventure Raid class:
The new Adventure Raid class replaces last years Safari Class. Adventure Raid is intended as an introduction to navigation rally without the stresses of racing and most extreme terrain. It is a guided trip, designed for street legal 4 wheel drive vehicles (Raptors, Jeeps and Overlanders) and adventure motorcycles (BMW GS, KTM 950, etc.). You will be running paved and dirt roads mostly parallel to the race course, with occasional intersections with the race course to provide opportunities to watch the action. You will not be running at race speeds or scored in results. Navigation is by following the guide and following provided GPS tracks. The trip will be at an easy pace to enjoying the scenery and the unique Sonora Rally experience, at points along the course and in the bivouac.

5 day guided trip that parallels the Sonora Rally
Proof of Mexican auto insurance required
May include a portion of a race-like paper roadbook to see what roadbook navigation is like (you may want a basic rally odomotor, like the $20 RallyBlitz app for iphone or the free F2R Rally Tripmeter app for Android). These apps are not allowed in the competition categories.
The Rally Comp device used in the race classes will not be used in the Adventure Raid class
Includes Sonora Rally Adventure Raid decals
Includes Bivouac Pass with bivouac meals and awards party dinner
Includes 4 nights in hotel (double occupancy). You will be paired in the room with your "navigator" or a fellow rider, or an event volunteer.
Camping 2 nights at remote dirt bivouacs (right in there with the competitors) using your own camping gear.
For cars, a vhf radio programmed to Sonora Rally frequency is highly recommended
A SPOT or inReach tracking device is required.
Limited spaces available, so don't wait to enter.
This sounds great!
Luc, is there a link?
 #22116  by gagnaou
 27 Sep 2019 14:40
xr-nut wrote:
27 Sep 2019 14:36
gagnaou wrote:
25 Sep 2019 12:59
They have not updated the information for 2020 yet

This sounds like a blast! Better start kissn up for that kitchen pass!!

Take her with you! There were quite a few couples doing the adventure class in their 4WD and it seemed like they had a blast! They were the life savior of quite a few riders who were running out of gas in the dunes :-)
I will try to dig up some pics they took, and you will just want to be there ;-)