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OK. DS Ride

PostPosted:08 Feb 2019 17:09
by RDW

Re: OK. DS Ride

PostPosted:12 Feb 2019 15:29
by Yuk0n Jack
Thanks for posting. Looks like that could be fun!

Re: OK. DS Ride

PostPosted:15 Feb 2019 09:37
by Yuk0n Jack
Went ahead and signed up this morning. Early advance pricing through Feb. 16. Anyone else here considering attending? This will be my first event to participate in.

Re: OK. DS Ride

PostPosted:15 Feb 2019 10:15
by troy
I put it on the RideForum.NET Calendar as soon as I heard about it.

I will not personally make this ride because I'll be on a rented KTM ADV bike doing a big loop that includes heading S on parts of the NVBDR and N on the CABDR.