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 #21606  by Yuk0n Jack
 06 Nov 2018 09:38
Had a nice ride Sunday with about half on gravel roads and half on blacktop on the way home. I used to hunt in this area when I was a kid so it was fun exploring this area on two wheels.

Not sure if anyone is using EatSleepRide but it is a cool app that tracks your route. Here's my route from Sunday https://eatsleepride.com/c/284540/great ... andover_ks

Here are a few pics from the ride.
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 #21607  by troy
 06 Nov 2018 09:46
Looks like you got a little sideways there! HAhAhAA! (your sideways photo) :-D

I checked out your track. You rode 1 mile East of the farm I grew up on: 240 acres on S side of 29th street 1 mile N of the Andover turnpike exchange.
 #21609  by troy
 06 Nov 2018 10:05
Yuk0n Jack wrote:
06 Nov 2018 09:56
That's cool! Pretty area to ride. I'm usually not challenged with attaching photos but having some trouble adding more photos.
Instead of using "attachment", use "upload photo"