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 #21561  by bird man
 25 Oct 2018 21:52
It was wet and drizzling most all day. I will check conditions Friday morning and depending on drying conditions post if I think the trails will be dry enough for Saturday ride.
 #21565  by bird man
 26 Oct 2018 12:02
Checked the trails this morning , they were slippery but firm. Will check again later this afternoon and make the dry enough call early this eve. Don't want to cancel .....but don't want anyone getting hurt either. We are considering moving day to Sunday but will stick with Saturday if possible. Will post by seven if date is moved to Sunday.
Right now the plan is to stick with Saturday , there are plenty of open fields for beginners to ride on if the trails are to challenging.

About the lunch:
Dene is going to fix cheddar chowder and chili. Bring any sides , condiments, chips or snacks you might like to go with the soup and whatever you want to drink.
 #21566  by troy
 26 Oct 2018 12:13
Thanks, Larry!

My friend Dan & his daughter plan to attend, but I think they can only come Saturday. Rachel & I can come whether Saturday or Sunday, but hoping Saturday works, of course.

Pray for lots of drying sunshine and wind today!
 #21567  by motomann
 26 Oct 2018 16:25
I've got 9 in my group that are REALLY hoping it happens tomorrow. If not, MAY be able to do Sunday but still hoping tomorrow works.
 #21569  by bird man
 26 Oct 2018 18:32
Just got in from final trail check. They are good to go for tomorrow/ Saturday. A little mud here and there ,some water crossings and just soft/slippery enough to make to make it interesting. Pretty good traction but can easily break tires loose when you want.

Soup is made ,pot of cheddar chowder , pot of mild chili and one of hot chili. Bring any sides , condiments, chips or snacks you might like to go with the soup and whatever you want to drink.

Looks like we are going to have a good turnout.
See you all tomorrow.
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 #21571  by bird man
 27 Oct 2018 19:29
What a great day. There were 42 people who signed a wavier for today’s ride.
 #21572  by safiri
 27 Oct 2018 20:13
Awesome day, wonderful people, amazing soups, beautiful terrain.

I actually saw dust this afternoon.

Thanks again for having us.
 #21573  by Savage
 27 Oct 2018 20:44
Great day for a ride. Thanks for the invitation! My boy has told me at least 10 times "Thanks for taking me dad, I had fun!" Awesome!

Can I get that chili recipe? That was delicious.

 #21574  by bird man
 27 Oct 2018 22:03

Not very good photography.....but you can tell what is happening
 #21576  by gagnaou
 28 Oct 2018 08:43
That is an awesome video Robert!!, How did you do the video play inside the KTM logo on the handle bar, that is a pretty cool effect.

 #21578  by troy
 29 Oct 2018 09:31
What a fantastic ride day with family & friends and making new friends! Larry & Dena are so generous with their time, talent, & treasure! Maybe some of you have good riding options nearby, but I do not take it for granted to be able to enjoy over 5 miles of woods trails and open land to ride on and teach my daughter how to ride.

What cool drone footage and video work, motomann! Thanks for taking the time to create that and share! Larry, you now have your new "trailer" video for upcoming events!

savage, as always, thanks for sharing your excellent helmet cam highlights!

Last year I brought my neighbor and good friend, Dan, down with his son, Kyle. We taught Kyle how to ride. Next event, we brought his daughter, Kiara, and taught her how to ride. This time, his whole family came including his wife, Takako. Takako really loved riding around on Rachel's little Honda 110 as well as a borrowed Honda 150. THANKS to whoever owns that 150 we borrowed! This time, Dan, Kyle, & Kiara took a few laps in the woods, and I think Kyle got the woods riding BUG!

It was cool also to see Lindsay really get the BUG. She even purchased a Honda CRF 125 on the spot! :-D

Dena, lunch was wonderful! Thanks also to all who brought items to share.

Larry, I hope the ruts in the grassy area East of the parking area fade away. I know we don't really want to rut up your open areas. It's great to have those open areas for folks learning how to ride.

 #21579  by motomann
 29 Oct 2018 13:32
Thanks. I love doing them when I have time. The effect was a combination of masking (drawing lines around the KTM logo), key-framing (mark the movement of the logo) and a background picture ("B roll") that was zoomed in on.
gagnaou wrote:
28 Oct 2018 08:43
That is an awesome video Robert!!, How did you do the video play inside the KTM logo on the handle bar, that is a pretty cool effect.

 #21580  by bird man
 29 Oct 2018 13:34
"Thanks for taking me dad, I had fun!"

This Is the punch line and what it is all about..... quality time spent with family and friends. The memories will last a lot longer than the bikes. Thanks everyone for participating.

Troy , I am confident time will heal the tracks in the field.

Sorry I wasn't there to tell some of you good bye as you left. I was showing a new to the "trails" rider around, should have delegated that.

Ok the chili recipe for Quinton. This is going to be a little difficult to duplicate as we just started putting stuff together with out written guidelines. (that is how the cooking goes when I help).
We started with several, Dena says 3, medium white onions
at least the same volume or more of chopped banana peppers and hot Hungarian wax peppers and sautéed them until the onions were translucent.
(This is where it gets tricky, this fall when I harvested the peppers I just pulled the plants and put all the peppers in a bucket. I couldn't tell which ones were hot and not when I picked them and they all looked the same. So it was a mixed choice of peppers. Which is why the two pots of chili ,we put in the peppers, onions, tomato's, beans and meat then taste tested and Dena (bit of a Gringo) said that is two hot ,so we split the batch into two pots and diluted one of them with more tomato sauce and beans. )
Back to project . 3 lbs of good quality browned hamburger.
5 cans 14.5 oz diced tomato's and /or puree
3 cans 14 oz kidney beans
1.75 - 2 cups of Gormet soup mix complete chili ( we got this at the Yoder store near Garnett, I am sure it is available elsewhere , We did not follow the recipe on the package. )
Now this is the ingredients for the whole as if were it one batch. We split the meat ,tomatoes and beans accordingly.
In my opinion the peppers hot and mild is what gave it such good flavor , I tasted it before the chili season was added and commented that I wasn't sure we needed to add it. Dena plays closer to the book than I and insisted we add the seasoning and it was better with it.

Thanks to the video techs Rob and Quinton for the good footage, yes I now have a good trailer footage for upcoming ride promotion.

Thanks to everyone for coming and being considerate and gracious guests.
 #21581  by bird man
 29 Oct 2018 13:41
Pic of the package of complete chili season mix