June 9 , 2018 Bird Farm Trail Ride

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Re: June 9 , 2018 Bird Farm Trail Ride

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Thumbs up!
Ahhh, pre-mix!!

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Re: June 9 , 2018 Bird Farm Trail Ride

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Enjoyed every person there. Thanks to all who attended. I just love watching the kids learn and ride. My 13 year old gets left out a lot on the group rides and Larry's ride is the sweet spot for a strapping young lad to stretch his bikes legs! The trails are an amazing place to build skills and just have a ball! Thanks Larry.

And Asis, you did get some air, full marks on the 250 flying low. But! you keep forgetting to mention the lay it down on a tree incident and the fall over putting it in the truck thing?? :-o I have learned to appreciate the 250's picking you and Marc up is a lot easier on those than Marc's Vstrom! :angelo: Much respect Brother!
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Re: June 9 , 2018 Bird Farm Trail Ride

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Well pilots have a saying. flying is the second most fun you will ever have...........landing is the first ;)
I think lil Nell was getting a bit tired as I was also and just needed a dirt Nap. As for the truck, I don't think she was quite ready to go :(
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