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 #21193  by bird man
 11 May 2018 14:50
UPDATE: Waiver attached. Please print, sign, and bring with you.

I have gotten trail maintenance done earlier this , and the trails are now ready to ride.
I had been thinking I had exhausted all the options for any new trails.....well with my friend Gregs help we have been able to find some new segments to add , one being a short but very steep climb, as always all trails have other options should you not want the challenge.
June 9 is the date we will have this years spring ride. We have tried to chose a non conflicting date , hopefully a lot of you will be able to attend and the weather will cooperate. The trail are perfect for riding now ,so hoping they still will be by June.
This is an family event and you can ride all day or however long you want to. The area is kid and beginner friendly ,but you can find plenty of riding challenges for an experienced rider.
We will have a riders meeting sometime between 9 and 10 and then off to ride. If you are new to the trails you may want to get someone who is familiar with them to follow at first as there is just over 5 miles of them. In a few places there have been some changes to the trails and surroundings.
The Bird Farm trails are west of Garnett 12 miles on a 210 acre farm.
Please post ,call or text if you are planning to attend so we will know how to plan.
Address is 12856 nw 1600 rd Westphalia Ks.
My phone number has changed it is now seven eight five four four eight four nine four two.
Parking will be in the big open shady areas up by the road and buildings.
You will never be more than a half to three fourths of a mile from your truck so a water bottle is all you may need to carry while riding.
We will have ride waivers to sign.
When we get lots of rain it gets very muddy as we have no rocks ...so I will post the day before if we have a weather cancelation.
Lunch plans to be announced , but you will need to bring snacks and drinks. The Yoder community store just a mile west of Garnett is a good place to pick up snacks and they make really good sandwiches. (that is where I get the meat and cheese for the sandwiches we provide.)

I have posted links below to previous years ride to give you more info on the trails and taste of the event.
Ride release form
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 #21206  by gagnaou
 16 May 2018 14:39
This is a definitely a fun event and fun place to ride! My son and I will have to miss it this year, that is too bad!

Thanks for opening your place up for us to ride and maintaining the trails. I am sorry to not be able to partake in the fun this go around!

 #21214  by safiri
 18 May 2018 08:01
Lars (11yo on a KLX 110) and I plan on being there.
 #21267  by asis
 04 Jun 2018 20:06
Larry sorry I missed you in Garnett. You rode with Marc Browning who I replied to you PM has the route you asked me about.
I very much want to attend next weekend but having problems finding where exactly it is. I am only 40 or so mins out and will likely haul just in case heheh.
I ride often with Vic and Kevin so hope they can sneak up also.
 #21268  by bird man
 04 Jun 2018 21:44
Give me a call , will tell you how to get here. Hope you can make it. Number is in first post
 #21273  by bird man
 06 Jun 2018 22:14
Finished mowing all the trails today ,working on limb trimming and etc. now.
Have several local people planning on coming so looks like we will have a good turnout.
While mowing I saw a turkey hen with at least 10 poults.
Will be picking up sandwich fixens Friday.
 #21276  by hbadventure
 08 Jun 2018 16:04
I will be there with my wife and BOTH my boys. And Asis ... Please :lol: Also Pat is coming with his girls and his wife who will be attempting. Thanks for hosting Birdman! Holler if you need help.
 #21280  by bird man
 08 Jun 2018 21:07
Ok... Dena and I did a causal ride after supper for a final check . Trails are ready and in great shape. Some of the more challenging creek crossings are just barely dry enough to do now also.
See you all tomorrow ....will be a good day.
 #21282  by asis
 09 Jun 2018 16:19
Thanks so Much Larry and Dena for the hospitality, lunch and sharing your awesome property. All the work on the trails really paid off as they were perfect and such a blast. Really let me see just what my lil KLX can do.

 #21284  by safiri
 09 Jun 2018 16:57
Asis: Awesome video!

Larry, Dena, Greg: Thanks for all of the prep work!

Great to meet everybody and enjoy the trails and cameraderi.

Mike and Lars
 #21286  by troy
 09 Jun 2018 20:54
I had a blast! I was dreading the heat, but then it stayed overcast all day and we had a really nice breeze. Turned out to be a really great day to ride. Larry keeps creating more trail, and they were in perfect condition. Some help from Dena and Greg, too, as I understand. Thanks, all!

I am worn out from trying to catch Greg in the tight woods!
 #21287  by bird man
 10 Jun 2018 12:04

Lunch in the shade. Note Lars guarding his lunch plate. The breeze Troy mentioned which was nice was strong enough to take the chips off your plate. We enjoyed having everyone here. Pat was the happiest and proudest father/rider of the day because his daughters learned to ride yesterday
A special thanks to Greg for his work with trail maintenance and Dena for putting lunch together.
 #21289  by troy
 10 Jun 2018 14:30
Quinton, we setup the log pile jump again and had fun playing in that area.

My sandals worked great and kept my feet cool on the ride. :-o