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 #21598  by troy
 04 Nov 2018 10:06
Rode the Osage County loop again yesterday. It did not disappoint! I made a few tiny tweaks to the GPX for those that want the latest. Download from this thread:


Tweaks include:
  • Few miles different at the start to see slightly more interesting things.
  • Staring point now in Williamsburg and end point no longer touches the starting track to eliminate confusion
  • ICBM POI updated to indicate locked gate and NO TRESPASSING signs
I got to enjoy 41 to 44 degrees during my 62 mile ride to the 8:00 starting time in Williamsburg, KS. Yes, I cheated and used my heated gear. :) The weather treated us very nicely as it warmed up to 60 or so with hints of sun here and there. No rain. :-)

Only hiccup during the ride was a flat rear tire on a DR650. The valve-stem sheared off causing an immediate total flat and the bead breaking. :-o I was directly behind--it was scary, but he kept the bike upright for a safe stop.

At the end of our ride, we enjoyed some very good ribs at Guy & Mae's!

Thanks to my 124 miles RT to Williamsburg, I enjoyed 252 miles for the day on the F800GS. Good times! 8-)
 #21599  by bird man
 04 Nov 2018 14:01
Didn’t take many pics but was pleased and surprised at the abundant colorful fall foliage we saw