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Are you planning a ride? Know about a ride? Post it here to invite others.
 #20611  by bird man
 20 Aug 2017 14:28
UPDATE: Waiver attached. Please print, sign, and bring with you.

I finally got around to doing trail maintenance , and the trails are now ready to ride. :D I have chosen Sept. 23 as the date to host this years ride. We have tried to chose a non conflicting date , hopefully a lot of you will be able to attend and the weather will cooperate. We have had several weeks of excellent riding weather , maybe it will hold. This is an family event and you can ride all day or however long you want to. The area is kid and beginner friendly ,but you can find plenty of riding challenges for an experienced rider.
We will have a riders meeting sometime between 9 and 10 and then off to ride. If you are new to the trails you will want to get someone who is familiar with them to follow at first.
The Bird Farm trails are west of Garnett 12 miles on a 210 acre farm. For those of you who have been here before the farm will look very different this year but still recognizable, I no longer am raising pheasants so all the pens and most of the buildings associated with them are gone.
Please post ,call or text if you are planning to attend so we will know how to plan.
Address is 12856 nw 1600 rd Westphalia Ks.
My phone number has changed it is now seven eight five four four eight four nine four two.
Parking will be in the big open shady areas up by the road and buildings.
You will never be more than a half to three fourths of a mile from your truck so a water bottle is all you may need to carry while riding.
We will have ride waivers to sign.
When we get lots of rain it gets very muddy as we have no rocks ...so I will post the day before if we have a weather cancelation.
Lunch plans to be announced , but you will need to bring snacks and drinks. The Yoder community store just a mile west of Garnett is a good place to pick up snacks and they make really good sandwiches.

I have posted links below to previous years ride to give you more info on the trails and taste of the event.

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 #20668  by safiri
 07 Sep 2017 16:07
On my calendar. Lars and I are looking forward to it.

Lars and I are running a 5k at 8am in KC, so we won't be leaving KC until 9ish.
(No, Troy, it won't take me an hour to run a 5k! :nerd: )
 #20680  by bird man
 17 Sep 2017 11:46
We will provide the sandwiches for lunch , bring your own drinks , sides ,cookies , chips and etc.
Please post if you are planning to attend so we will know how many fixens to pick up for the sandwiches.
We had 2.8 inches of rain last night , if we don't get much more the trails will be just right by Saturday.
Riders meeting , trail updates and etc. when everyone gets here hopfully around 10 clock.
Park and unload up by the road in the shady grassy area across the drive east of the windmill .
 #20681  by safiri
 18 Sep 2017 16:39
Lars and I will be there, but probably arrive ~1030.
If you want, leave a waiver under Troy's windshield wiper (or other obvious place) and I will find and sign.
Lars is looking forward to riding again. As am I.
 #20683  by bird man
 19 Sep 2017 11:40
safiri wrote:Lars and I will be there, but probably arrive ~1030.
If you want, leave a waiver under Troy's windshield wiper (or other obvious place) and I will find and sign.
Lars is looking forward to riding again. As am I.
That will be great, will have ride waiver available or do the on line one.

Thank you Troy for attaching the ride waiver.
 #20685  by Snowman
 20 Sep 2017 19:06
I think I am coming. 60/40. Just me. Sounds like a blast.

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 #20687  by Savage
 20 Sep 2017 19:22
We won't be there this year. My son is going to an XC run and my wife is going to a function.
 #20688  by bird man
 21 Sep 2017 12:44
Our first planned activity for those who want to ,will be feeding the fish.
 #20689  by safiri
 24 Sep 2017 09:32
Great time, once again, at Bird Farm! Thanks, Larry!

I took a few photos from the parking area and uploaded them to a Google folder. Feel free to download and use.


Anyone should be able to add photos, as well. So if you took any, feel free to add. (Just limit the size to what is free.)

PS A cooled engine and/or bouncing on the trailer for 1.5 hours brought my clutch back to life ... arghh. Hard to fix when it ain't broke! Probably try back bleeding (syringe on bleed screw, push fluid up, vs. pumping fluid down). Thanks to all who took Lars out while I dealt with the clutch.
 #20690  by gagnaou
 24 Sep 2017 14:01
 #20692  by troy
 25 Sep 2017 11:41
:-D Rachel and I had a great time! Thanks Larry & Dena! Thanks also to all those who came to make it a fun, family event. So cool to see all those kids buzzing around on 50's, 65's, 110's, and even a vintage RM80 (LOUD!).

Thanks to Mike & Luc (and anyone else who does) for sharing photos and videos. I didn't take a single photo, so really appreciate it.
 #20693  by bird man
 25 Sep 2017 17:51
Thanks to all those who attended ...it was a great day of riding. Having everyone come and enjoy makes it worth while.
It was good to visit with all of you again also.