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 #20569  by Snowman
 23 Jul 2017 21:25
Andy gave me my first lesson in tire repair today. We couldn't pass up a chance to ride in the (barely) cool weather. Thank goodness we encountered a helpful neighbor as I was woefully unprepared and Andys took it wasn't setup for the Africa Twin. So much to learn for a non-gearhead like me. ImageImage

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 #20571  by Creekside
 25 Jul 2017 08:56
It's always an adventure! Sometimes it's chain work, other times it's tires. Or clutch leaking...Or the oil light!

Never realized the ktm 990 kit didn't have 12mm. I brought that crescent wrench just cause, but it's not big enough for that Honda tire hub nut. 22mm?

You'll need to figure out what you must have to fix a front tube. That won't be the last pinch flat you'll get, your going too Colorado.... But it might be the last dual pinch flat. It had two cuts across from each other. I still think it was low on air first. Dirt bikers will know.

Great day other wise. Nice roads by the lake. We also found out that magura clutches like olive oil too. Mine was leaking again and nice little lady had some in the barn house. Beats paddle starts down hill! :-)

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 #20572  by Creekside
 25 Jul 2017 08:58
Now if Ward would have been there...That 2 hours would have been 15 minutes.

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